Armenian language


November 29, 2021

Armenian (Armenian: Հայերեն; Heeren) is an Indo-European language spoken in the Caucasus region, especially in Armenia, Artsakh, and other countries where Armenians are known as a scattered Armenian community. Armenians used Syriac or Greek script until the end of the fourth century AD, so their literature and history are written in non-Armenian script and language. After the recognition of the religion of Christ in Armenia and the Christianization of the Armenians, because the Bible of this religion was in Greek or Syriac, these languages ​​were also spoken in the religious ceremonies of the churches. In some churches, the Bible was translated and interpreted into Armenian during the ceremony and recited to the audience. Miyaneh (in the Sassanid period) was completely familiar, it was invented. Armenian language In the past, the status of the Armenian language was uncertain, and according to Robert Afox, the greatest mistake of scholars was that they used only the vocabulary of the Armenian language to determine the status of the Armenian language in the language family. The common theory at the time was that Armenian was one of the Iranian languages. Linguistic development has various factors, which can be considered in the case of the Armenian language as follows: First, the internal transformations that take place naturally and are the result of the evolution and progress of language. Second, external developments, most of which take place through borrowing and are the result of external factors. Third, there are small developments that take place by individuals and are the result of literary innovations. These three developments in the Armenian language are related to the history of national politics, the history of literature and the political history of the Armenian nation. The theory that the Armenian language was Iranian was prevalent in Europe in the first three quarters of the nineteenth century, and scholars such as Rasmus Rusk, Auguste Schleicher (who later abandoned this theory, of course), and Franz Bepp, and the famous scientist and linguist Heinrich Hobschmann, in an article entitled "The Position of the Armenian Language among Languages." Indo-European "(published in 1877) changed this theory. "Those who pointed to the similarities of the words of the two languages ​​did not think that this similarity might have occurred as a result of borrowing words, and they had practically not proposed any way to examine this possibility. Hobschmann by placing the basic features of the phonetic systems

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