Ukrainian language


November 29, 2021

The Ukrainian language (Ukrainian: Українська мова) is an Indo-European language and the eastern branch of the Slavic group of languages. Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine. The Cyrillic alphabet is used to write the Ukrainian language. It has some words in common with the languages ​​of neighboring Slavic nations, the most important of which are Polish and Slovak in the west and Belarusian and Russian in the north. The Ukrainian language has its roots in the Neo-Slavic language of the medieval state of Russia. The previous stage was called routine. In fact, the Ukrainian language is a generation of spoken language that was used in quality Russia (10th to 13th centuries AD). And famous writers have passed.


Currently the Ukrainian language is emerging after a long period of decline. The number of Ukrainian speakers is about 37 million. In addition to Ukrainian, it is one of the official languages ​​of the Autonomous Republic of Dniester. Although there are about 50 million Ukrainians around the world, of which 37.5 million live in Ukraine (77.8% of the population), the Ukrainian language is spoken only in western Ukraine. The main countries that have Ukrainian speakers are: Ukraine 31,058,000 people Russia 4,363,000 people Kazakhstan 898,000 people United States 844,000 Moldova 600,000 people Brazil 300,000 people Belarus 291,000 people Canada 200,525 people Uzbekistan 153,000 people Poland 150,000 people

Current application

Both Ukrainian and Russian are spoken in Kiev, a recent transformation for a city that was originally Russian-speaking. The main reason for this is the arrival of the rural population and immigrants from the western regions of Ukraine, as well as the tendency of some people in Kiev to speak more of this language. In the north and center of the country, Russian is the language of the urban population, while in rural areas, Ukrainian is more common. In the south and east of Ukraine in all regions, even in rural areas, as well as in the Crimea, the Russian language is quite common and the Ukrainian language is almost non-existent. The Ukrainian language is expanding in the country, villagers (who are extremely interested in the Ukrainian language) continue to migrate to the central cities of Ukraine, and traditional Ukrainian literature is developing. To the speakers of Z.

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