Burmese language


November 29, 2021

Burmese is the official language of Burma. The language is also officially known as Myanmar by the government. But they often use the same Burmese name. Burmese is a native language of the Bamar (Burmese) and other racial subdivisions. In Burma, 32 million people speak it as their first language and racial minorities speak it as their second language. This language is not used outside of Burma. Burmese belongs to the category of Tibetan languages ​​- Burmese is a subset of the Chinese-Tibetan language family. Burma is a unique and unique language. This language uses the Burmese script, which is derived from our language script, which is derived from the Burmese script. Spoken language and written language Burma is classified into two categories. One is the formal form used in literary works, official publications, radio programs, and official lectures. Another is the form of speech that is used in everyday conversations.


Most Burmese words belong to the Tibetan-Burmese family of languages. However, Burmese is influenced by Pali, English, and Moon, and to a lesser extent by Chinese, Sanskrit, and Hindi. Pali words are mostly related to religion, government, art and knowledge. English words are mostly related to technology, units of measurement and new institutions. Our language has had a great impact on Burmese, and many of its idioms are inseparable from Burmese. Sanskrit, Chinese and Hindi words are less common in Burmese.

Persian language effect

From the 16th century, when Persian was the common language of the people of western Burma (Arakan), it also influenced the Burmese language. Even today, many Persian words, especially naval terms such as Bandar, Shahbandar, Nakhoda, are found in this language.

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