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November 29, 2021

Bengali (ب Bengali: pronunciation: Bangla ['baŋla]) is a language of the Indo-European and Indo-Iranian language family, which today has about two hundred and seventy million speakers in India and Bangladesh. Bengali Rabindranath Tagore was the first Nobel laureate from Asia.



Sanskrit has been practiced by Hindu missionaries in Bengal since the first millennium BC. But the locals spoke Prakrit. During the reign of Gupta, Bengal became the center of Sanskrit literary activity. The Middle Aryan Hindu dialects were influential in the region in the first millennium AD, when Bengal was part of the Magde Kingdom. These dialects, called Prakrit Magdehi, were spoken in the Indian state of Bihar today. These languages ​​gradually gave rise to the languages ​​of Obermash, which emerged in the late first century. The Bengali language also found a place for itself in this chain.


Like other Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, Bengali originated in about 1000–1200 from Sanskrit and Maghreb Prakrit. Proto-Bengali was the language of the Pala Kingdom and the Senate dynasty.


The Bengali language gradually changed and Arabic and Persian verbs influenced it. Bengali was the court language of the Bengali kingdom during this period, and Muslims played a major role in the development of its literature. During the reign of Bengal, it was the mother tongue of the majority of the people of the region. The influence of Persian and Arabic words and expressions in Bengali was very high during this period.


In the 19th and 20th centuries, Bengali literature developed based on the Nadia dialect, a dialect in the Midwest. This language was distinguished from other languages ​​of the region by its literature. In the modern period, Bengali was written in two more lines: চলিতভাষা Chôlitôbhasha; Which is a simplified line and is more useful. সাধুভাষা Sadhubhasha; Which is a form of Sanskrit for the Bengalis. After the partition of India, the Bengalis in the Pakistani country started the Bengali language movement for the recognition of their language, which led to the independence of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government and West Bengal in India The United Nations has suggested.

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