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December 6, 2021

Tatar (Cyrillic: татарча, Latin script: tatarça, Persian script: تارچا) is a language of the family of Turkic languages ​​spoken by the Tatars.


Tatar today is a remnant of the extinct Qabchaq languages ​​or the northwestern branch of ancient Turkish and Bulgarian. It is largely influenced by Caucasian and Slavic languages.

Geographical dispersion

Tatar is spoken in Russia, Central Asia, the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Tatar is also spoken by Tatar minorities in Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Finland and China. In addition, Tatar is the mother tongue of some 400,000 Bashkirs, most of whom live in Ufa. These are Bashkiris, speakers who, as a result of their association with the Tatars, have gradually abandoned their native language and become Tatar speakers. According to the 2002 census of Russia, about 94% of the Tatars of the Republic of Tatarstan and about 7% of other ethnic groups living in the Republic of Tatarstan. More than 94% of Tatar-speakers also know Tatar language. Tatar language includes several dialects.


The Tatar language used to be written in various alphabets, but today the Tatar Cyrillic script is used for this language. In the past, lines such as the Orkhon script, the Ski alphabet (based on the Persian alphabet from the Arabic script) and the Latin alphabet were also used for it. Until 1920, the Tatars spelled their language into the Ski alphabet. After that, Latin script and then Cyrillic script became common for their language. Today, another script is used in Latin for this language along with the Cyrillic script, which is similar to the Istanbul Turkish alphabet.

Language Features

Like all Turkic languages ​​of the Altaic family, Tatar is a hybrid language; In the sense that from the suffixes added to the main substance of the word, new meanings are made and the words are not used. The origin of the words is Tatar-Turkish, but this language has received many influences from the Uralic languages ​​of the Volga River, as well as from Arabic, Persian and Russian.

Sample words

haya - Yes yuq - no isänme (sez) / sawmı (sız) - سلام sälâm - سلام (دوستانه) sau bul (ığız) / xuş (ığız) - Goodbye zínhar --çen - لطفاً räxmät - Thank you ğafu it (egez) - I'm sorry min - من sin - تو (sg.) ul - او bez - ما sez - you alar - wî nation - nation Lngliz (çä) - English


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