Hebrew language


November 29, 2021

Hebrew or Hebrew (Hebrew: עִבְרִית pronounced Ayurvedic) is one of the Western Semitic languages ​​and a native language in Israel that has more than 9 million speakers. Historically, this language has been considered the language of the children of Israel, Judea, and their descendants; Although it is not mentioned in Tankh. The earliest examples of Hebrew writing in the Neo-Hebrew alphabet date back to the 10th century BC. Hebrew belongs to the northwestern branch of the Semitic language of the Afro-Asian language family, and is the only surviving Canaanite language and the only truly successful example of a dead language. Hebrew is also one of the two living languages ​​of the northwestern Semitic branch, along with Aramaic, which is mostly spoken by Assyrians, Mandaeans, and some Jews in the Near East. , stoped. From then on, the Jews, especially their intellectuals and immigrants, spoke slowly and to a lesser extent Greek, which was the international language of the day. However, Hebrew was used for Jewish prayer, religious literature, trade between Jews, and Jewish poetry until it was revived as a spoken and literary language in the 19th century. It then became the mediating language of the Palestinian Jews and was eventually adopted as the official language of Israel with the founding of Israel. According to ethnologists, in 1998, the language of 5 million people worldwide was Hebrew. After Israel, the United States has the largest Hebrew-speaking population, with 220,000 native speakers of Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is the only official language in Israel, while Torah Hebrew is used for religious studies and the study of Jewish communities. Placed. Samaritan Hebrew is also used as the religious language of the Samaritans, while their colloquial language is modern Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew as a foreign language is often studied by Israeli and Jewish scholars and scholars, archaeologists, linguists in the Middle East, and theologians of Christian history. The Torah (the first 5 books), and many other passages from the Hebrew Bible, are written in the Hebrew Torah, much of it written in a dialect that scholars believe dates to around the sixth century BC, around the time of the Jewish exile in Babylon was used. For this reason, the Jews from time immemorial, from the Hebrew language as Leshan Hokudesh (לשון הקודש),

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