Norwegian language


November 29, 2021

Norwegian (Norwegian: norsk) is an Indo-European language belonging to the Scandinavian language group of the Germanic language family (North Germanic languages). Norwegian is the official language of Norway. It should be noted that the existence of two languages ​​in Norway has complicated the language issues of this country. These languages ​​are called Bokmal (book language), which is close to Danish, and Norwegian Nynorsk (New Norwegian), which is close to the northern Swedish dialect. The informal letters of these two languages ​​are Rixmol (meaning royal) and Landsmol (meaning rural), respectively. Both languages ​​have been recognized as official languages ​​since 1885. The language of non-Norwegian was invented in 1850 by Ivar Asen based on the medieval language and the Norwegian dialects of that period. The Bukomol and Ninorsk languages ​​became closer after the 1938 reforms; This is the result of the government's policy of merging the two languages ​​to form a common Norwegian language called Samunorsk. The 1946 referendum showed that 79% of Norwegians support this policy; Opponents of the policy, however, staged widespread protests in the 1950s. However, Samunorsky's influence waned in 1960 and was officially phased out in 2002.

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