Japanese language


November 29, 2021

Japanese (Japanese: 日本語, nihongo) is the national and official language of Japan. About 130 million people speak this language. Japanese is the mother tongue of 126 million people. It is the ninth most spoken language in the world, excluding bilinguals. Japanese is mostly spoken in Japan and some people have migrated from this region to other parts of the world and older people are spoken in the old Japanese colonies such as Korea and Taiwan. Japanese is part of the Japanese language family, which includes the Ryukyu languages ​​spoken in the Ryukyu Islands, but the early history of the Japanese language and its relationship to language size is almost unclear. There are theories that say Japanese and Korean languages ​​have the same roots. There are other theories that these two languages ​​are part of a larger family of languages ​​called the Altaic languages, which includes Turkish, Mongolian, and Tongan languages, but the Altaic language family and their relationship to Japanese and Korean are merely theories. are. These theories have been much debated and not accepted by everyone. There are other theories that say that Japanese is the language of the Yayoi people who immigrated to Japan from Northeast Asia 3,000 years ago and the language of the Jumoi people who already lived there but the language spoken by these two peoples is not known. Japanese did not initially have a written structure. In the Yayoi period, therefore, there is not much evidence to show what that period was like. In the third century, Yamato state entered into trade and cultural relations with Japan in Japan, and as a result, Japan was influenced by Chinese culture for the next six centuries. At that time, the rulers and elites of the society imitated a large part of Chinese culture in Japan. Japanese's written language probably originated in the fourth century, as Japanese had no written structure until then. The first examples of a written Japanese language date back to the eighth century and come in two forms. Kambon and the second form of Maniogana Kambon was a written structure written in Chinese and used Chinese characters for Japanese words. These texts were practically in Chinese, but were intended to be read in Japanese. Maniogana was another type of Japanese writing that used entirely Chinese characters

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