December 6, 2021

Cantonese (Simplified Chinese: 广东话, Traditional Chinese: 廣東話, Yale: Gwóngdūng wá) is the official and standard form of Yue Chinese, originating in Guangzhou (Canton) and surrounding areas in southeastern China, with a spoken language of over 80 million People in these areas. Although the speakers of this language do not have mutual understanding compared to other speakers of UY languages, sometimes the Cantonese phrase is used for the whole language of this family. Canton is a vital and integral part of the cultural identity of its speakers in southeastern China, Hong Kong, Macao, as well as far-flung communities. In mainland China, Cantonese is the mediating language of Guangdong Province (because the maximum language is in the Pearl River Delta) and neighboring areas such as Guangxi. Cantonese is also the official language of Hong Kong and Macao and is also spoken among the Chinese communities of Southeast Asia (mostly Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and to a lesser extent Cambodia) and the Western world. Although Cantonese have many words in common with Mandarin, due to differences in vocabulary as well as grammar and pronunciation, the speakers of the two Chinese languages ​​do not understand each other. The structure of the sentence, especially the location of the verb, sometimes differs between the two types. There is a significant difference between Cantonese and Mandarin in how words are written; Both languages ​​are written word for word, but few Cantonese speakers are aware of the shape of all Cantonese written words and inevitably use Mandarin words; Thus, a formal Cantonese script is used, which is more similar to the Mandarin script. As a result, a Cantonese text and a Mandarin text may look similar but be pronounced differently.


In Persian, like English, the Cantonese name is used for the name of this language, which is a bit vague. Cantonese itself is a dialect of this language that is common in Canton or Guangzhou. Cantonese can also refer to the whole Yuhtyúh family of Chinese languages ​​(粵語; 粤语; Yuhtyúh) which, in addition to Cantonese, includes languages ​​such as Taishan and Gaoian. Due to its dominance over other Cantonese languages, it is sometimes referred to as the "standard Cantonese" (粵語 粵語; 标准 粤语; Bīujéun Yuhtyúh). Historically, speakers of this language called it the "Cantonese language" or the "Guangzhou language" (話 話; 话 话; Gwóngjāu wá). Today, the term is not widely used outside of Guangzhou. In Guangdong and Guangxi, the people call it the "speech of the provincial capital" (話 話; 省城 话; Sáangsìng wá) or the "plain speech" (白話 話

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