Korean Language


November 29, 2021

Korean or Hangul (Korean: 한국어 / 조선말) is the official language of North Korea and South Korea. Korean is also one of the two official languages ​​in the autonomous province of Yanbian in China. There are about 80 million Korean speakers with large groups in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, the United States, the former Soviet republics, and most recently the Philippines. The Korean language has gained considerable interest due to the spread of the Korean wave in the world. There is disagreement about the classification of the Korean language into language groups. One of them is the Altaic languages. Today, Korean is mostly classified in the language family of the ancient Siberian languages. Some linguists consider it the language of the single family. A sphere in terms of word structure (mere) is a connected language and in terms of sentence composition (syntax) it is one of the linguistic variants of the "active object of the verb". Korean, like Japanese and Vietnamese, is influenced by Chinese words and phrases. Native Korean words make up about 35% of the language's vocabulary, while about 60% of Korean's vocabulary is made up of "Chinese-Korean" words (Chinese words or words with Chinese roots). 5. The rest includes words from other languages, 90% of which are imported from English.


Most linguists classify Korean as a single, unrelated language. But there are efforts to connect Korea to one of the language families in the region. Ever since Rammstein's article was published in 1923, some linguists have argued that the Korean language may be in the Altaic language family or related to the Altaic language. Korean is similar to Altaic languages, but linguists today believe that morphological similarities may not necessarily be a reason for one language to be related to another. Because these morphological similarities can easily arise from the connection and borrowing of speakers of two languages.





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