December 6, 2021

A prison or, in Persian, Afghanistan, a prison is a place where individuals are physically restricted, detained, and usually denied personal liberties. Prisoners are, on a contractual basis, organizations that are part of a country's judicial system and are used to enforce imprisonment as a legal punishment issued by a court for a crime. In slang, in many countries, the word prison is also used as a synonym for detention center or, in Persian, house surveillance. While legally, these words belong to two different institutions. Detention centers are for those who are awaiting trial or have not yet been sentenced for less than a year. If the prisons host people who have a definite sentence. A person who serves in prison and is in charge of protecting prisoners is called a prison guard, and those who are imprisoned are called prisoners. The term prison guard is sometimes used to refer to anyone who works in a prison or prison organization. The most famous prison in Iran today is Evin Prison. Large prisons are divided into wards, each of which is called a ward. In large prisons, there are areas such as counseling centers, solitary confinement cells, and medical facilities.


Prison in Dehkhoda Dictionary: Prison is a place where defendants and convicts are kept. This word has been accepted in the Academy of Persian Language and Literature instead of imprisonment. In the Pahlavi language "Zindan", Armenian "Zendan", Ossetian "Zindon"… Prison, where sinners are detained. Claim. سجن. Friends. Friendly. Paragraph. Mat. Prison. سجن. Friends. The word in Amid culture means prison, prison house and prison, where convicts and criminals are kept and is a prison.


Under the law, persons who are used in prison as a legal punishment by a court order, who are used for committing a crime, are physically restricted and detained, and are usually deprived of personal liberties. Under Iranian law, amnesties and leave are granted to prisoners who do not commit wrongdoing again and can use their leave. According to the Deputy Chief of Human Resources of the Judiciary (until the beginning of 2016), there are about 200,000 prisoners in Iran.

Definition of prison and detention center in the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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