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November 29, 2021

Hamilton Watch Company is the name of a Swiss luxury watch company founded in 1892 by James Hamilton in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, and is the result of the acquisition and merger of Lancaster Watch and Watchmaking companies. Keystone was the standard and watchmaker of Aurora with Hamilton Watchmaking. Hamilton's 56 percent share of the American watch market declined sharply by 1950 with the arrival of new competitors. In 1957, Hamilton developed the world's first electric watch. From 1950 to 1969, he partnered with the Japanese company Ricoh to produce Hamilton Ricoh watches, which did not sell well in the market due to strong competitors such as Seiko. In 1969, Hamilton Watches acquired the Swiss watchmaker Bourne in its entirety, and by 1972 had produced most of its products in this factory. In 1971, the Swiss company SSIH, then the second largest watchmaker in Switzerland, bought Hamilton Watch. Meanwhile, a team of Hamilton watchmakers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, developed the world's first digital watch called the Pulsar watch. Hamilton remained part of the company until 1984, when the SSIH and ASUAG companies were forcibly merged. Hamilton Watch Company is currently a subsidiary of the Swatch Group.

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