Sassanid Empire


December 6, 2021

The Sassanid Empire (Middle Persian: 𐭲𐭯𐭩𐭲𐭯𐭮𐭯𐭮), whose official name was Iranshahr (Middle Persian: 𐭠𐭩𐭫𐭠𐭭𐭱𐭲𐭥𐭩) but was also commonly referred to as Iran, was the end of ancient Iran and the last Persian Empire before the Arab invasion of Iran in 224. Ruled Iran for 651 AD (427 years); The emperors of this government were from the Sassanid dynasty. This unified empire was founded by Ardeshir Babakan with the defeat of Ardavan V, the last Parthian emperor. The Sassanid emperors, who originated in Persia, dominated a large area of ​​West Asia and, along with the Roman-Byzantine Empire, over a period of more than 400 years, were considered the superpowers of the ancient world. The capital of Iran during this period was the city of Ctesiphon near Baghdad in present-day Iraq. The flag of ancient Iran in this period was the flag of Kaviani, which disappeared after the overthrow of the Sassanids. The Sassanid period is known as one of the most important and crucial periods in the history of Iran. The Sassanid Empire is the last Iranian empire before the Arab invasion of Iran and the conversion of Iranians to Islam. In the Sassanid period, Iranian civilization reached its peak of prosperity and dynamism in many ways. Iran had a great influence on Roman culture during the Sassanid period. The influence of the Sassanids was not limited to the borders of Iran, but also extended to India, China, Western Europe and Africa. The Sassanids played a prominent role in the emergence of European and Asian art in the Middle Ages. Most of what is known today as the Golden Age of Islam in the fields of art, architecture, music and other fields were transferred from the Sassanids to the Islamic world. Sassanid society was governed in a class and layered manner. The society was divided into four classes: priests, warriors, teachers and craftsmen. The official religion of the Sassanid Empire was Zoroastrianism, and the Avesta and Zand were considered the fundamental basis of the Sassanid rule and religion. The Sassanid dynasty came to an end in 651, after the assassination of Yazdgerd III during the Arab invasion of Iran, and Iran came under the domination of the Muslim Arabs except Tabarestan.



Officially, this empire was known as the Persian Empire (Middle Persian: ranshanhr ،rānšahr, Parthian Aryanārrahr: this term first appears in the inscription of Shapur I on the Kaaba of Zoroaster where the king says "I am the king of Iran"). Iran's "I am" in fact because Khan

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