football player


October 28, 2021

A football player is a person who plays football as a profession. The word footballer has entered the Persian language from English.


In football, a player is a person who plays football according to the rules of football. In a football game, each team has 11 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper and the rest are either defenders, midfielders or attackers.


In a football game, a person who tries to maintain and protect the goal and prevent the ball from entering it is called a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only player who can use his hands to catch the ball. He can only catch the ball in the penalty area. Defender / Defender A defender is a player who is behind the midfielders and his first and foremost goal is to support the goalkeeper. His primary task is to prevent the opponent from scoring.

Defensive midfielder / forward defense

He is a player who stands in front of the central defenders and fills the space between the defenders behind him when the opposing team attacks, and is also a link to receive the ball from the home defenders and send passes to the midfielders and midfielders. In some game systems, such as 4-2-3-1, coaches place 2 defensive midfielders on the field.

Midfielder / Midfielder

A midfielder is a player whose position is between defender (defender) and striker (shown in blue). Their main task is to deprive the opposing team of the ball (which is usually done by tackling), to capture the ball in the midfield and send it to their own attackers.

Forward / Forward

Forwards or strikers are players who play in the nearest row to the opponent's goal and are responsible for scoring goals.


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