Free content


October 28, 2021

Free content or free information is any practical, artistic or other creative work that conforms to the definition of free cultural works and does not have significant legal restrictions on the freedom of individuals to use, distribute, modify and distribute works derived from the content. Free content is different from open content; Free content can be accessed, whereas if the content is "open" but not "free", it may not be accessible. The term "content" encompasses a wide range, from music to books and from software to multimedia. Free content refers to the following freedoms: Use and benefit from the content, Learning content and applying it, Create and distribute duplicate copies of content, Modify and improve the content and distribution of derivative works. Free content includes all publicly owned and copyrighted work whose licenses respect the freedoms listed above. Because in most countries copyright law allows the proprietor to exercise exclusive control, non-proprietary content must explicitly (usually from within the work) declare that the content is freely licensed in order to be released. Content is free to use for a variety of purposes (commercial, etc.), and anyone can copy, modify, or distribute it. The GNU Free Documentation License, Creative Commons, and the Anonymity License are examples of licenses for free content. Wikipedia content is also published under the Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike) License, which guarantees the permanent freedom of the content.


Free knowledge or free knowledge, or open knowledge, is knowledge that can be acquired, interpreted, and applied freely. This rule can be tailored to the needs of individuals and shared with others for social gain. The term refers to the cultural movement of free knowledge, which is inspired by the principles of free software success, the success of co-production in the development of free software (and Wikipedia), and the idea that knowledge should be available and disseminated without restriction. Promoters of free knowledge believe that knowledge freedom is influenced by the credibility of efforts to limit or control the dissemination of information (or explicit knowledge) on the Internet. For this reason, the definition of free knowledge is based on the definition of soft

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