Deaths in 2021


December 1, 2021

Deaths in 2021 What follows is a list of celebrities who died in 2021. Each title lists the person's name, age, reason for recognition, nationality, cause of death, and source, respectively.


Deaths in February 2021 What follows is a list of celebrities who died in February 2021.


Robert C. Jones, 84, is an American screenwriter and editor. Dustin Diamond, 44, American actor and director.


Edward Babiuks, 93, Polish politician, Prime Minister (1980).


Ali Ansarian, 43, a football player and actor from Iran. Tony Terbert, 90, tennis player from the United States. Mahmoud Kooshan, 88, Iranian director and cinematographer. Margaret Weavers, 94, Swedish actress. Haya Hararitt, 89, Israeli actress.


Leon Spinks, 67, American boxer. Ezzat Al-Alaili, 86, Egyptian actor. Iza Bellini, 98, Italian singer, actress, voice actor and TV presenter. Josef Bentz, 76, Babseld athlete from Switzerland. Christopher Plummer, 91, Canadian actor. Vladimir Vysotsky, 66, Admiral of Russia.


Borol Jones, 87, American swimmer. George P. Schultz, 100, is an American economist, politician, and businessman. Harry Fielder, 80, British actor. Krzysztof Kowalski, 83, Polish actor.


Mofideh Talatli, 73, Tunisian film director and editor. Rene-Victor Peel, 86, French writer and novelist. Ron Wright, 67, is an American politician. Giuseppe Rotono, 97, Italian cinematographer. Leslie Lane, 95, is a Jamaican runner. Joseph Hillis Miller, 92, author, literary critic, and university professor from the United States.


Jean-Claude Carrier, 89, French screenwriter and actor. Cyril Mango, 92, British teacher, historian, and university professor. Mary Wilson, 76, American singer.


Ivan Izokiro, 83, neurologist from Argentina. Rajiv Kapoor, 58, Indian actor, director and producer. Chick Correa, 79, is an American jazz pianist.


Larry Flint, 78, American publisher.


Isador Singer, 96, is an American mathematician. Rovana Morel, 76, American artist.


Antonio Jiménez-Rico, 82, Spanish film director and screenwriter.


Inger Bjornbacken, 87, Norwegian alpine skier. Yuri Vlasov, 85, weight

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