November 29, 2021

Engineer or engineer (Persian Iran), engineer (Persian Afghanistan) is a person who tries to create an operational and practical structure of a concept and is trained in one of the engineering disciplines or works professionally in that field. Engineers use technology, mathematics, and knowledge to solve applied problems. Therefore, in industry, except for the disciplines that are related to the design, construction and supervision of construction and operations and have the ability to perform technical calculations in these matters, other disciplines that are somehow related to industry and serve engineering disciplines, such as office services, Finance, etc. are considered as expert and service fields. However, it is not possible to provide an accurate and comprehensive definition of an engineer and summarize it precisely in university education in engineering disciplines and a specific field of work. But with a little carelessness, briefly and in accordance with the second issue of national building regulations, "an individual engineer is a profession who, with a valid university degree in one of the fields of construction and electrical and mechanical installations, provides engineering services in the following dimensions: 1- Design and calculations 2 - Supervises the implementation and 3- Implements the project (executor). Of course, there are also engineering companies. In such cases, the company, which is a legal entity, is evaluated instead of professionally certified, certified consulting or contracting services.

The root of the word in Persian

Engineer (derived from the word geometry, which is also the Persian word for size), the receiver. غیاث. Appreciative. Computation. شماردار. Specialist in creating plans and works of construction and architecture or road construction or agriculture or making all kinds of machines. One who is in the science of geometry and shapes of the universe. (غیاث). World of Geometry. Geometer. Surveyor. Earthworm. The size of the receiver of land, building, karez, building and other parts, masonry, carpentry, architecture, etc. To measure the channels of aqueducts and buildings. Destiny of the ducts of Miyah and Qani. Architect. Specialist in building affairs. The work of building the facade of the word engineer is the Persian word size. This word was pronounced in Middle Persian in such a way that after borrowing this word from Arabic and spending it in one of the chapters of that language, the word "engineer" meaning measurer was made of it. But today, an engineer is someone who is familiar with one of the engineering sciences, and among the general public, someone who knows geometry is not called an engineer. In Afghanistan, the English word is used.


Initially, an engineer was someone who drove military vehicles. The concept of a civil engineer in the 16th century in the Netherlands �

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