November 29, 2021

Deafness or deafness is classified under two headings. Complete hearing loss or lack of hearing is called deafness or deafness (deafness). Hearing abnormal sounds. Like other disorders of the body, it may be caused by general disorders of the body.


Complete hearing loss is called deafness or deafness, and diminished hearing is called hearing loss. The disorder can affect all sounds or be limited to certain sounds. Measuring hearing loss requires studying these disorders with an audiometer called an audiometer. Congenital deafness: due to severe abnormalities of the middle or inner ear that are not reversible. Learns to hear the voices of others. Acquired deafness: There are two types. Depending on the location of the infection, which determines hearing loss. Transient deafness: due to lesions of the external or middle ear canal and its elements. Perceptual Deafness: If, following lesions of the inner ear, semicircular canals that include the perceptual system or neural pathways from which sound waves are transmitted to the cerebral cortex are common causes in transient deafness. Progression and process of acute or chronic inflammation of the middle ear (acute otitis, chronic mastoiditis) Eardrum damage, perforation or inflammation or scarring after hearing a loud noise Duct obstruction is a common cause of perceptual deafness The origin of deafness is the perception of the origin of the labyrinth. Fracture Infection, typhoid, malaria, influenza Chronic poisoning (alcohol-canine, aspirin, streptomycin) Vascular problems, atherosclerosis of the inner ear Occupational deafness in which the patient is constantly exposed to loud noises. (In factories, blacksmiths, airline staff) Aging deafness in the elderly due to atherosclerosis of the inner ear, progression and corruption in the cortex, which is specific to receiving sound vibrations. Bone is a semicircular canal or secondary stiffness and stiffness of the intervertebral joint (middle ear bone) and spinal cord, a very common disease that occurs in women and is very clearly inherited. The disease gradually progresses to complete deafness, but fortunately with surgery it restores sound to the patient. Chlorine nerve lesion (infectious neuritis or neuritis,

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