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December 7, 2021

A writer is a person who writes. The word author is also sometimes used synonymously with author. Today, the word has become commonplace, and in addition to storytellers, it refers to people who write in other fields as well. Like playwrights who are called playwrights or screenwriters who are called screenwriters.

Definition of Parviz Natakhanleri

If we take writing to mean the work of the writer as a whole, whoever writes, even if his writing is a bill of lading or his shop account, the writer must read. Writing, however, is not a difficult task. The alphabet must be known and a short line must be readable. But in the term, such people are not called authors, the author is someone who does what he does, that is, he has meanings and contents in mind that are of general benefit or pleasure to readers, and he writes those meanings in a way that everyone can read his writing. They desire and enjoy or benefit from it. The meaning of the author in custom is even more special than this, someone who writes a book about astronomy, although he has stated the principles of this science correctly and has made new points in it, is not an author, he is an astronomer. The authors of history, geography, physics, and chemistry books are also not read by the author. The title of these researchers is: historian, physicist, chemist. But if someone writes a book in one of the disciplines whose art of composition and expression is pleasant and praiseworthy, he is also called a writer in addition to his title. So writing is a good and beautiful art of writing.

The difference between a writer and a latent writer and narrator

The author is a real person who creates text. The author should not be confused with the narrator or the underlying author of the narrative. The latent author is neither the real author of the work, nor the narrator. The latent author is an image of the author that is formed in the reader's mind while reading the narrative. The latent author can easily (and to be fair) be called the "inferred author" by the reader.

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