Niels Stevenson


November 29, 2021

Niels Stensen (Danish: Niels Stensen, English: Nicolas Steno, and Italian: Niccolo 'Stenone) (January 11, 1638 - November 25, 1686) was a Danish pioneer in the field of anatomy and geology. In 1659 he decided not to readily accept what was written in the book and to research it himself. He is known as the father of geology and stratigraphy. Stevensinson was congratulated by Pope John Paul II in 1987.


Niels Stevensinson was born in Copenhagen on New Year's Day, according to the Julini calendar, and spent his childhood in a secluded environment due to unknown diseases in the environment. In 1644 his father died and his mother married someone else. Between 1654 and 1655, 240 students at Niels School died of the plague. After graduating from university, Stevensinson decided to travel to Europe and continued to do so for the rest of his life; He traveled to the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany to meet with doctors and scientists. These meetings and contacts led him to seek his ability in study and research and to make important achievements in science. At a time when all scientific questions were answered from ancient sources, Steinson had the courage to trust only what he saw and understood, even if his findings were not in line with ancient beliefs.

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