December 1, 2021

Wikidata is a project to create an editable collaborative database to help Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia. The Wikidata website was officially launched on October 30, 2012. The project was started by Wikimedia Deutschland (the office of the Wikimedia Foundation in Germany) and was supposed to be a shared source of certain types of data, such as birth dates, that can be used in other projects such as Wikipedia. Anyone can use Wikidata only if they follow a public domain license. Wikidata is similar to Wikimedia because Wikimedia provides a place to store media files, and access to these media files is free for all Wikimedia projects. Wikidata is powered by software called Wikibase.


Wikidata is a document-based database that focuses on items. Each item represents a topic (which is also linked to a Wikipedia page) and is denoted by a letter Q and a numeric identifier (for example, a policy item is denoted by Q7163).


With the help of comments, information is added to the items. Each item can have one or more comments. Comments are made up of key-value pairs, so that each comment consists of a attribute (key) and a value linked to the attribute.


Each attribute has a value for commenting and can be considered a category. For example, the "color" property can have a value of "blue". In Wikidata, when a property is paired with a value, it forms a comment.

Progress History

The project was launched with the financial support of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Google, for a total of € 1.3 million. The project will be launched in three phases: Focus intermediate links Create a central location for data box data for all Wikipedia Create and update index pages based on data in Wikisource

Phase One

The first phase was implemented on October 30, 2012 (equivalent to November 30, 2012), and is currently working on the second phase. In the first phase, it was possible to add new items and add basic information, including tags, names, nicknames (s), descriptions, and links between each topic of Wikipedia articles. Each item has a unique name that combines

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','ویکی‌داده','ویکی‌داده','Each item has a unique name that combines','https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/66/Wikidata-logo-en.svg/langfa-1052px-Wikidata-logo-en.svg.png')