December 1, 2021

Wikipedia (abbreviated as "WP" and "WP") is a web-based online multilingual encyclopedia of free and open source collaboration written by volunteers and anyone with access to the Internet and the Web. Can view and edit articles. The name Wikipedia is a combination of the words Wiki (contributory website) and Encyclopedia (encyclopedia). Wikipedia aims to create and publish worldwide an encyclopedia of free content in all living languages ​​of the world. The English Wikipedia was written on January 15, 2001 as a supplement to the New Wikipedia encyclopedia. Its founders are Jimmy Wells and Larry Sanger. The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation currently supports the Wikipedia project. The main web hosts of this website are in Tampa, Florida. Additional hosts also contribute to the site in Amsterdam and Seoul. From April 2007 to October 2019, Wikipedia was one of the top 10 websites in the world in terms of number of visitors, accounting for more than half of all visits to the English Wikipedia. As of December 2015, there are more than 141 million pages in all Wikipedia languages, of which more than 37 million are articles. Popular languages ​​include English more than 5 million, Swedish 2.1 million, German 1.8 million, Dutch 1.8 million, French 1.7 million, Russian 1.2 million, Italian 1.2 million, Spanish 1 2.2 million, Polish 1.1 million, Vietnamese 1.1 million and Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese each have more than 850,000 articles. The number of registered users is about 59 million, of which 4,022 are administrators. Wikipedia contains 281 languages ​​with more than 10 articles and a total of 291 languages ​​of the nations of the world. The credibility of Wikipedia has been constantly disputed. Some have praised it for its free publication, editable features, impartiality policy, and wide range of titles. On the other hand, critics have questioned the validity and credibility of Wikipedia for its freedom of editing. It has also been criticized for its vulnerability to sabotage, uneven quality, systematic bias, instability, and its preference for consensus over credibility in its editorial style. In contrast, content policies and wikipedia projects are provided by users who seek to address these concerns. Researcher

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