Wikipedia: Introduction to the encyclopedia


October 28, 2021

Wikipedia is a public and free encyclopedia; This means that everyone can write and edit the articles in it. Of course, these articles and edits must be in accordance with the Wikipedia statute; That is, the content is written impartially and without infringing on the copyright of others. The review of articles is done by the users themselves. Those who contribute to the completion of this endless project have helped their fellow speakers to contribute to the compilation of the world's most valuable encyclopedia. The Wikipedia encyclopedia is written in many languages ​​at the same time, and its contributors are people from all over the world, and anyone can help it grow. The encyclopedia has grown rapidly since its birth and is the largest encyclopedia website with more than 80 million monthly visitors and more than 90,000 active users working on more than 18,000,000 articles in 270 languages. There are 843,882 articles in Persian Wikipedia so far and thousands of users visit this encyclopedia every day. The form and mode of group collaboration created in the Wikipedia encyclopedia can be considered unprecedented. The clever principles on which Wikipedia is built have made this collection of information constantly evolving towards completion and evolution. Wikipedia can be considered as a great and wise human being whose body cells are made up of millions of active human beings.

Important questions

1. What is Wikipedia? A: To learn what Wikipedia is, you can read the five foundations of Wikipedia. In short, we can say: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and the encyclopedia is a collection of abstracts to cover information in all areas of human knowledge. Wikipedia is not a place for unreliable content, writing essays, democracy, blogs and forums. To learn more about Wikipedia, click here to read the five Wikipedia foundations. All Wikipedia rules and regulations can be changed by user consensus and following these five principles. Also, this page, which defines Wikipedia in eight words and explains the meaning of each word; look. 2. Does Wikipedia belong to a specific group or organization? And to what extent does it influence Wikipedia content? Answer: Wikipedia was founded by the Wikimedia Foundation, and its ownership (name, trademark, etc.) belongs to that foundation. Technically (psh

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