the pope


December 6, 2021

Pope (Latin: Papa) is the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Catholic Church worldwide and the head of state or ruler of the Vatican City. According to Catholics, the papacy's precedence is largely due to his role as Peter's apostolic successor, to whom Jesus gave precedence and the keys to heaven and the powers of "connecting," making him a rock. Called that the church will be built on it. The current pope is Pope Francis, who was elected on March 13, 2013. The episcopal throne is called the Holy Throne. It is the Holy See, an international city-state enclosed by Rome under the Vatican's governing body, established under the Lateran Pact of 1929 between Italy and the Holy See to ensure its temporal and spiritual independence. The Holy See has been recognized by its presence at various levels in international organizations and political treaties with many independent governments. Ancient History Catholic and non-Catholic historians agree that the founding of the papacy in its present form dates back to the centuries following Peter's arrival in Rome in 50 AD. During the first century of the Church of Christ, the capital of Rome was known as the center of Christianity because it was founded by Peter; But there are few references to the first century and the supremacy of Pope Rome outside Rome. According to some historians, facts such as Rome's letter to Corinthians [2] and the fact that St. Ignatius of Antioch used the words "leadership" and "Roman people" in his letter to Rome provide evidence of papal authority in those years. . Some also believe that these documents only indicate the superiority of Rome's honor and dignity. In the Second Civilization (AD 189), the supremacy of the Church of Rome is clearly seen. Because St. Irenaeus of Lyons says that all the churches agreed with Rome and became representatives of the pope everywhere. In the third century there are many signs of the dominance of the Church of Rome. The first Council of Constantinople (381 AD) vigorously proclaimed the supremacy of Rome, and Pope Leo I in 440, following in his footsteps, became a rite that Christ had first conferred on the priest Peter. The Religious Beliefs and Principles of the Roman Catholic Church Teach that the Establishment of a Pontifical Instruction is Instructed in the Babylonian Writings: "Matthew 16: 18-19" I will build it and the gates of the world of sounds will not prevail over it. I give you the key

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