Carl Benz


November 29, 2021

Carl Friedrich Benz (November 25, 1844 - April 4, 1929) was an automobile engineer and engine designer known for inventing the gasoline-powered automobile and founding Mercedes-Benz. He was born in Mulburg, Karlsruhe, and died in Ladenburg.

The beginning of life

Carl was born on November 25, 1844 in Karlsruhe to an informal relationship. Karl Benz, originally known as Karl Friedrich Michael Wilant, was born in Molborg, now an area of ​​Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, which is part of modern Germany, to Josephine Wilant and a locomotive driver, Johann Georg Benz, who was with him a few months later. got married. Under German law, the child was given the name "Benz" by the legal marriage of his parents, Benz and Vaillant. When he was two years old, his father died of pneumonia, [5] and his name was changed to Carl Friedrich Benz in memory of his father. Despite living in poverty, his mother tried to give him a good education. Benz attended the local grammar school in Karlsruhe and was a prodigal student. In 1853, at the age of nine, he began working in high school with a scientific orientation. He then studied at the Polytechnic University under Ferdinand Redenbacher. Carl's parents married a year after his birth. He began his education in 1853 at a school in Karlsruhe; In 1860 he began studying at the Polytechnic University in Karlsruhe. Professional life Carl was hired in 1864 as an assistant mechanic at the Karlsruhe Technical Factory. Later, in 1866, he was hired as a draftsman and design engineer at Messersch Schweizer in Mannheim; In 1868, he designed an engine for Messrs. Ben Kaiser in P. Forgeim. In 1871, Carl established the Carl Benz & Out Ritter Industrial Workshop in Mannheim; In 1872, the company was renamed the Carl Benz Steel Plant. In 1878, Carl began work on the first two-stroke engine on New Year's Eve. In 1882, the company was renamed the Mannheim Oil Company and temporarily withdrew. In 1883 he founded Benz & C in Mannheim. In 1885 he built the world's first three-wheeled gasoline car using a four-stroke single-cylinder engine with 0.69 hp (about 492 watts) at a maximum speed of 250 rpm (16 km / h). On January 29, 1886, he filed a patent application to produce a three-cycle gasoline-powered car. On July 3, he drove three

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