November 29, 2021

Cuba (Spanish: Cuba) Officially known as the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba) is a country of the Caribbean archipelago and its capital is Havana. The population of this country is 11 million and 200 thousand and its official language is Spanish. Sixty-five percent of the country's population is Christian, 25 percent atheist, and 17 percent follow indigenous beliefs (such as Santria). The currency of this country is the Cuban peso. Culturally, Cuba is part of Latin America. It is a multi-ethnic country whose people, culture and customs have their roots in a variety of roots, including the indigenous Indians of Taino and Siboni, the long period of Spanish colonization, the bringing of African slaves, and close ties to the Cold War. It was one of the most controversial regions during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 even pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. Cuba is one of the few Marxist-Leninist socialist countries in existence, and the key role of the Communist Party is enshrined in the constitution. Independent observers have accused the Cuban government of human rights abuses, including short-term arbitrary detention.


In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered an island that is now called Cuba. At that time, the island belonged to the Spanish Empire. In 1511 the first Spanish settlements were established in Cuba. Spain enslaved about 100,000 indigenous peoples, converted them to Christianity, and forced them to seek gold. However, after a century, these natives practically disappeared. One of the reasons for this was the outbreak of the Eurasian infectious disease, which spread due to lack of native resistance. Cuba was under Spanish colonization for 400 years (1898-1511). During this time, its economy was based on agriculture, mining, and the export of sugar, coffee, and tobacco to Europe and later to North America. This was initially done by African slaves brought to Cuba. The population of Cuba in 1817 was 630,000, of whom 291,000 were white, 115,000 were non-slave, and 224,000 were black.

War 1895

In 1892, an exiled dissident named Jose Marti founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party in New York. The aim of this party was the independence of Cuba from Spain. In 1895, Jose Marti went to Monte Cristi and Santo Domingo to join Maximo Gomez. Marty wrote his political views in the Montecristi Declaration. War against Spanish troops on 24 February 18�

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