November 29, 2021

A child or child is called a young person (girl and boy). Equivalent to child is the word child in Persian. The word child is from the root of the Pahlavi word kuk (short) meaning short and is related to short and small words. The word also refers to not growing up and simplicity and purity.

baby word

In International Law

In the Convention on the Rights of the Child United Nations, a child is any person under the age of eighteen; Unless the person is legally required to grow up under the law.

In Iranian law

Like most legal systems, childhood is divided into two periods: Period of uncleanliness The clean period in Iranian law is a legal and specific definition of the unclean period. A child who is in a clean period is called a discriminating child, and it is a child who, although young, is aware of everyday affairs and does not go head to head in ordinary shopping and considers the daily norms of the people to be normal. . A non-discriminating child is also someone who has not entered a clean period. The period of uncleanness, then, is the period of the child's life, before the period of purity. In some countries, an age is set for the clean period, and if the child has reached that age, it is considered a discriminator. German civil law, for example, considers the age of seven to be the end of a child's period of uncleanness, and from that time on, the child is considered a discriminator. In this law, one of the group of people who are not eligible to resign is children who are not yet seven years old.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about recognizing and understanding the control of thoughts and feelings and communicating them appropriately to others in a way that empathizes with others and gives people the ability to interact with others. The emotional intelligence program should begin at an early age during the school years at home and in the community. When these types of educational programs are offered to children, their academic performance increases. When children do not have the ability to control their disturbances, they can not concentrate well, they do not resist their impulses, and they do not feel responsible for learning activities. They will be deprived of the resources that help their academic progress. Emotional intelligence-based programs help children fulfill their roles in life better, be active listeners, and open the door to empathy. Skills that children need for emotional intelligence: Awareness of emotions �

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