November 29, 2021

Two children's educational institutions

The difference between a kindergarten and a kindergarten is that a kindergarten is a school established to care for young children under the age of five who have been homeless due to the occupation of their parents to be cared for from morning to evening. . Kindergarten is a school for 4- to 6-year-olds that is created daily to learn more and move from home to school. Kindergarten In Persian, the word child with the suffix suffix meaning congruent group or group, forms the word kindergarten, which is a gathering place for children of the same age to teach and prepare for the next stage of education. Kindergarten is made up of two words. The Arabic word for kindergarten means cradle and the Persian word for child and in general means the cradle of a child which in the term of education is the first stage and place of education of the child outside his home. After kindergarten, they enter kindergarten before entering primary school. In German, kindergarten is called kindergarten, which means kindergarten, and the same word is commonly used in English-speaking countries to refer to the same kindergarten. The first kindergarten was established by Friedrich Wilhelm August in 1837 in Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia, Germany. Kindergarten in Iran Mirza Jabbar Asgarzadeh, known as Jabbar Baghcheban, was the founder of the first kindergarten in Iran in the city of Tabriz. Also, after returning from Belgium, Esmat al-Muluk Dolatdad established the first state kindergarten called Shokoofeh Kindergarten in September 1941. But years after the establishment of the kindergarten, the first kindergarten in Iran was established by the Farah Pahlavi Charitable Society. The kindergartens cared for children from working-class families whose mothers worked outside the home from morning till evening.

Gender segregation in Iranian kindergartens

In 1390, the Ministry of Education sent a circular announcing that the admission of male and female students in preschool and kindergarten classes is prohibited.

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