November 29, 2021

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. (July 27, 1985 - November 17, 2021), better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was an American rapper. It was America. In 2016, he released his first studio album, The King of Memphis, which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200. He was shot and killed on November 17, 2021, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Early life

Adolf Robert Thornton Jr. was born on July 27, 1985 in Chicago. His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee at the age of two. He had two sisters and two brothers. He was also with cousin rapper Joss World. Dolph's parents, who were raised mainly by his grandmother, experienced crack cocaine addiction, which he saw only once every few weeks as a child. Dolph said many of his peers in the southern Memphis community had problems because of problems. As their parents experienced, they were raised by their grandmothers. She initially described her grandmother as "the worst mother in the world" and explained: "I did not have this misfortune at that time. . . . "Everything he told you, when you were about 15, you could see." He said that as he approached that age, he began to apply his teachings throughout his life to be more independent. His grandmother often did not allow Dolph to have friends come to their house, but sometimes he did allow our homeless friends to stay with family. As a teenager, Dolph attended Hamilton High School.


2008–2017: Early successes and shootings

In 2008, Young Dolph released his first mix under the label Paper Route Campaign. Two years later, he formally established his Paper Route Empire label in 2010, an independent label not affiliated with a major record company, and subsequently released Welcome 2 Dolph World the same year. With the release of High Class Street Music and High Class Street Music Episode 2 in 2011, Dolph began to expand its rap stream, moving away from a style similar to Memphis rappers Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG, and instead switching to a style. Described personally. As "loud" with "unique magnetic delivery and deep sound". As Dolph grew in popularity, Memphis rapper Yo Gotti extended his contract to Epic Records' Gotti's Collective Music Group in August 2014, but Dolph refused and chose to remain independent.

2017-2020: Chart of singles and the first album of the top 10

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