1345 (solar)


November 29, 2021

1345 AH


July 20 - The 1966 FIFA World Cup begins in England November 2 - Tehran The first national television program of Iran was broadcast. November 30 - The first children's film festival is held in Tehran. Publication of the first volume of the Persian encyclopedia, under the supervision of Gholam Hossein Mosaheb Commencement of desertification activities in Iran. Birthdays April 17 - Shaukat Hojjat, dubbing announcer May 28 - Alireza Pahlavi, the third child of Mohammad Reza Shah and Farah Pahlavi. June 25 - Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh, goalkeeper of the Iranian national team July 5 - Mohammad Isfahani, physician, singer and Iranian pop and traditional composer. September 12 - Anousheh Ansari, explorer and chairman of the Telecommunications Technology Company (TTI) Operators Association. 11 Azar - Ali Mosafa, actor and director of Unknown Cinema History Parvin Ardalan, journalist, researcher and women's rights activist Farhad Aslani, actor in theater, cinema and television Ebrahim Lotfi, classical violinist, university lecturer Savisa Mahvar, Iranian writer Reza Mirkarimi, cinema director Fatemeh Ajrlou, one of the politicians and members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran Arash Naraghi, author, translator and assistant professor at the university


November 13 - Saeed Nafisi, Iranian writer, translator and poet February 15 - Forough Farrokhzad, a contemporary Iranian poet March 5 - Mohammad Mossadegh, Iranian statesman and prime minister of Iran from 1330 to 1332 (born 1261) Unknown date Mahjubeh Heravi, famous Afghan poet (born 1285)


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