1986 (Solar)


November 29, 2021

The year 1986 was a normal year in the solar Hijri calendar, which began on Friday, April 1, at 1:32:56, equal to March 21, 1986, and according to the calendar 1987 (1987) in the calendar. It is Gregory. This year is the year of the tiger in Iranian astrology.

ا اربعین

2 Azar - The bombing of Sajjadieh school in Kermanshah with cluster bombs killed and injured a large number of primary school students and civilians in Sajjadieh town of Kermanshah. January 10 - Iraqi bombs two boys' schools in Boroujerd (Lorestan province), killing 60 students. February 3 - Iraq bombs two girls' schools in Miyaneh (East Azerbaijan province), killing 33 students and a school maid. Related article: The bombing of Iranian schools by Iraq in the winter of 1986 Birthdays farvardin 17- Navid Mohammadzadeh, actor from Iran Aban November 15 - Amir Abbas Gulab, singer from Iran November 18 - Sosha Makani, a football player from Iran Esfand March 28 - Mehrdad Pouladi, a football player from Iran without an exact date Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Iranian poet (born in Kashmar) Armin 2 Effham


farvardin April 4 - Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari, Shiite Khordad Imitation Authority June 7 - Zabihullah Mansouri, translator July 14 - Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi, poet of Mehr October 1 - Ali Akbar Khoshdel, poet of Aban November 30 - Salman Herati, poet November 9 - Karim Keshavarz, translator 27 Aban - Manouchehr Bozorgmehr, Esfand Lawyer March - Saeed Nivandi, director without exact date Soraya Beheshti: Iranian theater and cinema actress

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Special issue of Holy Defense Week, Hamshahri newspaper, September 22, 2004. (Article on Flowers and Wolves on pages 9 to 11 by Jafar Kazemi)

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