December 6, 2021

1981 was the second year since the 1980s in the 20th century. According to the Gregorian calendar, that year was a normal year with 365 days. In the Hijri solar calendar, 1981 began in January 1980 and ended in December 1981.


In the Chinese calendar this year is called the Year of the Rooster.



January 19 - Iran and the United States sign an agreement to release US embassy hostages in Tehran. January 20 - Ronald Reagan wins US election. The start of the oil tanker war with the attack of Iraqi fighters on Iranian merchant ships.


July 29 - Prince Charles and Princess Diana are married in Westminster Abbey.


May 25 - The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council is established. Birthdays January 2 - Maxi Rodriguez, Argentine soccer player January 15 - Pitbull (American rapper), American rapper January 28 - American actress Elijah Wood January 31 - Justin Timberlake, American singer and actor February 2 - Emily Rose, American actress February 3 - American actress Alyssa Reese February 19 - Vitas, Ukrainian singer-songwriter, artist, and songwriter February 22 - Janet Biedermann, German actress and singer February 24 - Leighton Hewitt, Australian tennis player and athlete February 25 - Park Ji-sung, a South Korean football player and athlete February 27 - American singer Josh Gruben March 10 - Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto'o March 26 - Ji Sean, British singer-songwriter and singer April 11 - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian model April 27 - German singer Sandy Mulling April 28 - American actress Jessica Alba May 17 - Shiri Maimon, an Israeli singer May 18 - Adam Green, American singer-songwriter, musician, and singer May 20 - Iker Casillas, retired Spanish goalkeeper and footballer June 7 - Russian tennis player Anna Kornikova June 12 - Adriana Lima, Brazilian model June 13 - Chris Evans, American producer, voice actor, actor, and director June 17 - Amrita Rayo, Indian actress June 23 - Anthony Costa, a British actor June 28 - Mara Santanglu, Italian tennis player and athlete July 3 - Canadian actor Brandon J. McLaren July 24 - American actor Summer Glave July 26 - Maicon, a Brazilian soccer player August 3 - Travis Willingham, American voice actor and actor August 4 - Marquez Houston, American actor, musician, and singer August 15 - Sung Ji-hyo, South Korean actress and model

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