June 13th


July 6, 2022

June 13 is the 164th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (165th day in a leap year). There are 201 days left in the year.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Raili, Raila Finnish-Swedish calendar: Åsa, Aslög orthodox calendar: Akuliina, Alina, Liina, Ville Sami calendar: Ássá in older calendars: Aina, Antonius, Aqvila, Aqvilina, Aqwilina, Arudius, Edla, Eedla, Impi, Josua, Tobias


1249 – Alexander III is crowned King of Scotland. 1525 - Martin Luther married Katharina von Bora against the Catholic Church's celibacy for priests and nuns. 1777 – American Revolution: Marquis Joseph Motier Lafayette lands near Charleston, South Carolina to help the colonies train an army. 1789 – Battle of Porrassalmi in King Gustav III's war. 1886 - King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his physician were found drowned in Lake Starnberger near Munich. 1898 – The Yukon Territory was formed in Canada and Dawson City was chosen as its capital. 1916 – Finnish jaeger Albert Hyytinen fell in battle at Missejoki. 1920 – The US Post Office Department decided that children should not be sent as parcels. 1927 - Aviation: A parade was held in New York in honor of Charles Lindbergh. 1934 - Adolf Hitler and Mussolini met in Venice. Mussolini later characterized Germany's future Führer as a "funny little monkey". 1942 - The United States opened its Office of War Information, a center for the production of propaganda. 1944 – World War II: Germany launches a V1 missile attack on London. Only four flying bombs out of eleven launches hit their targets. 1952 – A Douglas DC-3 conducting signals intelligence for the Swedish FRA was shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 ("Catalina incident"). The matter was revealed only years later. 1966 - The US Supreme Court ruled in the case "Miranda v. Arizona" that police officers must inform suspects of their rights before they can be questioned (the so-called Miranda rights). 1971 - Vietnam War: The New York Times obtained 7,000 pages of secret Pentagon documents, the Pentagon Papers, and published a series of articles on them. 1975 – The use of a seat belt became mandatory in the front seat of passenger cars. 1982 - Fahd became king of Saudi Arabia after the death of his brother Khaled. 1983 - Space exploration: Pioneer 10 was the first human-made device to leave our solar system. 1990 – Elisabet Rehn became Finland's first woman as defense minister. 1995 - President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, announced the resumption of nuclear tests in French Polynesia. 1997 – Terrorism: Timothy McVeigh is sentenced to death for his involvement in the 1995 Oklahoma City office building bombing. [1] 2004 - A four-kilogram meteorite hits Phil and Brenda Archer's house in Ellerslie, New Zealand, destroying the roof and sofa. 2008 – The car ferry GTS Finnjet was taken to Alang to be scrapped. 2017 – 22 MPs resigned from the parliamentary group of Basic Finns, of which 20 formed the new parliamentary group New Alternative.


40 – Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman general (d. 93) 823 – Charles II the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of the West Franks (d. 877) 1556 – Pomponio Nenna, Italian composer (d. 1608) 1580 – Willebrord Snellius, Dutch mathematician and physicist, inventor of Snell's law (d. 1626) 1731 – Martha Washington, wife of the first US President George Washington (d. 1802) 1773 – Thomas Young, English physicist, optician, physiologist and Egyptologist (d. 1829) 1790 – José Antonio Páez, Venezuelan politician and general, president 1830–1835, 1839–1843 and 1861–186