November 13


December 8, 2021

November 13 is the 317th day of the year (318th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 48 days remaining until the end of the year.

Name days

- Finnish calendar: Kristian, Ano - Finnish-Swedish calendar: Kristian, Krister - orthodox calendar: Johannes, Juhani, Juha - Sámi calendar: Ánot - in older calendars: Aurora, Blekert, Briccius, Christian, Erlandus, Eugenius


1002 - Ethelred Neuvoton, King of England, orders all Danes living in England to be killed. 1885 - The Serbian-Bulgarian war begins. 1941 - World War II: The German submarine U-81 torpedoes the British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, which sank the next day. 1945 - Charles de Gaulle is first elected President of France. 1965 - A cruise ship SS Yarmouth Castle sank in a fire in the Caribbean Sea. 90 people lost their lives in the accident. A tropical hurricane, the Bhola cyclone, which ran from 166 km / h in 1970, hit the densely populated Ganges estuary in eastern Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh), killing an estimated 500,000 people. It was the worst tragedy caused by a tropical hurricane in the 20th century. 1973 - The "cod war" between Iceland and Britain ends. 1982 - A Las Vegas boxing match ends with Ray Mancin's victory over Kim Duk Koo. Kim’s death on November 17 brought about significant changes in the species. 1982 - Vietnam War Memorial The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is inaugurated in Washington, D.C., after thousands of Vietnam War veterans march to the memorial. 1985 - The Nevado del Ruiz erupts. The volcanic mudslide that followed the eruption buried Armero in Colombia, killing an estimated 23,000 people. 1989 - Hans Adam II becomes Prince of Liechtenstein. 1991 - The Republic of Karelia was formed. 1994 - A referendum in Sweden decides to join the European Union. 1995 - A 5,000-year-old Stone Age residence is found in the bog. 2002 - The oil tanker Prestige sinks off the coast of Galicia. Thousands of kilometers of coastline and more than a thousand beaches were polluted off the coasts of Spain and France. 2010 - Aung San Suu Kyi is released from her arrest in Burma for more than 15 years. 2015 - More than 120 people are killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris.


354 - Augustine, Father of the Church (c. 430) 1312 - Edward III, King of England (d. 1377) 1768 - Jiaqing, Emperor of China (d. 1820) 1814 - Adulphe Delegorgue, French zoologist (c. 1850) 1814 - Joseph Hooker, American General (c. 1879) 1817 - Louis-James-Alfred Lefébure-Wély, French organist and composer (d. 1869) 1831 - Ashley Eden, Anglo-Indian official and diplomat (c. 1887) 1831 - Karl Eugen Grönlund, Finnish school lecturer and author (d. 1881) 1848 - Albert I, Prince of Monaco (d. 1922) 1850 - Robert Louis Stevenson, English writer (Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) (d. 1894) 1875 - Selim Töyrä, American Finnish painter and art professor (d. 1958) 1886 - Mary Wigman, German dancer and choreographer (b. 1973) 1893 - Edward Adelbert Doisy, 1943 Nobel Prize-winning American biochemist (d. 1986) 1893 - Jalmari Rinne, Finnish actor and theater counselor (d. 1985) 1894 - Arthur Nebe, German police officer and SS lieutenant general (d. 1945) 1914 - Alberto Lattuada, Italian film director (d. 2005) 1918 - Werner Aspenström, Swedish poet and author (d. 2017) 1921 - Joonas Kokkonen, Finnish composer (d. 1996) 1925 - Martti Tiuri, Finnish Doctor of Technology, Professor and Member of Parliament (d. 2016) 1932 - Ritva Valkama, Finnish actress and comedian (b. 2020) 1932 - Richard Mulligan, American, appears

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