January 19, 2022


March 11 - Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein is published. May 11 - Charles XIV John is crowned King of Sweden. Santiago became the capital of Chile Christmas carol Christmas Eve, festive night was composed on Christmas Eve In April, there was a natural disaster in Karelia, where Suvanto dug a new riverbed in Ladoga. The event is described in Topelius' book Our Land. The first street lights (a pair of oil lanterns) are introduced in Helsinki. The Old Vic Theater was founded in London. The Finnish nobility was organized, ie the Knights 'House was formed into the Knights' Hall, and it was supplemented by new nobles and families raised to a higher nobility.



January 3 - Henrik Holmberg, Finnish geologist and mineralogist (d. 1864) January 12 - Ludwig Traube, German physician (d. 1876) January 13 - Heinrich Wächter, German-Finnish music teacher, organist and choir director (d. 1881) January 14 - Zacharias Topelius, Finnish author, journalist and rector of the University of Helsinki (d. 1898) January 16 - C. V. A. Strandberg Swedish author, editor and translator (d. 1877) January 18 - Anders Olivier Saelan, first director of the Helsinki School of Technology (d. 1874) January 26 - Gabriel Mauritz Waenerberg, Secretary General of the Finnish Senate, Chairman of the Finnish Mission (d. 1887) January 28 - P. G. T. Beauregard, Southern General in the U.S. Civil War (d. 1893) January 29 - Henrik Gottlieb Perander, Finnish school lecturer and author (d. 1883) January 31 - Don Carlos, Spanish Crown Winner (d. 1861) January 31 - Gustaf Vilhelm Malmström, Finnish priest and teacher (d. 1874) Feb. 6 - William M. Evarts, U.S. Politician, Minister, and Senator (d. 1901) February 17 - Frederick Douglass, American opponent of slavery (d. 1895) March 2 - Konstantin von Kaufmann, Russian General and Governor of Turkestan (d. 1882) March 4 - Tobias Mullen, Irish-American Catholic Bishop (c. 1900) March 11 - Marius Petipa, Russian dancer, choreographer and teacher, "father of classical ballet" (d. 1910) March 15 - Leopold Hasner von Artha, Austrian politician and minister (d. 1891) March 18 - Gustaf Edvard Ingelius, Finnish librarian and cultural historian March 23 - Don Carlos Buell, American General (d. 1898) March 28 - Wade Hampton III, Southern General in the U.S. Civil War (c. 1902)


April 3 - John Gill Shorter, American politician and governor (d. 1872) April 4 - Mayne Reid, Irish writer (d. 1883) April 4 - Carl Steffeck, German painter and graphic artist (d. 1890) April 6 - Zacharias Cajander, Finnish agronomist and author (d. 1895) April 7 - Juhana Idänpää-Heikkilä, Finnish rusthollar, municipal politician and statesman (d. 1890) April 8 - Christian IX, King of Denmark 1863–1906 (d. 1906) April 17 - Alexander II, Emperor of Russia and Grand Duke of Finland 1855–1881 (d. 1881) April 20 - Josh Billings, righteous Henry Wheeler Shaw, American writer (d. 1885) April 20 - Heinrich Göbel, German inventor (d. 1893) April 27 - William Cotton Oswell, English explorer and big game hunter (d. 1893) May 5 - Karl Marx, German philosopher (d. 1883) May 20 - Jens Christian Hostrup, Danish author (d. 1892) May 20 - Eduard Totleben, Baltic German Military Engineer and General (d. 1884) May 25 - Jacob Burckhardt, Swiss Cultural Historian and Art Researcher (d. 1897) June 6 - Carl Robert Sederholm, Finnish Gen.

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