October 18, 2021


January 31 - The Helsinki Telephone Association, now Elisa Corporation, was founded March 15 - The first electric light in the Nordic countries comes on at Finlayson in Tampere, when the factory's weaving hall was illuminated with 150 light bulbs. March 19 - Finland's first telephone exchange was inaugurated in Turku. March 22 - The U.S. Senate makes polygamy illegal. June 6 - A cyclone raged in the Arabian Sea, causing major flooding off the coast of Bombay. About 100,000 people were killed. June 14 - A thunderstorm burned both the Lumijoki and Oulunsalo churches. June 23 - The Bay of Bothnia earthquake near Kemi was felt within a radius of 270 kilometers and had a magnitude of 4.9. It is the strongest earthquake in the history of Finnish measurement. July 26 - Richard Wagner's opera Parsifal premieres in Bayreuth. September 14 - The steamship SS Asia sank in Lake Huronjärvi. 123 people died in Turma, there were two survivors. December 6 - The Passage of Venus

Unknown date

There was a coup in Korea. The pogroms that began in 1881 ended in southern Russia. Construction of Kuopio City Hall began. The municipality of Oulunsalo was founded. Dr. Friedrich von Reglinghausen diagnoses neurofibromatosis. Robert Kajanus founded the Helsinki City Orchestra. Martin Wegelius founded the Helsinki Music College, which has been known as the Sibelius Academy since 1939.



January 2 - Ernsti Turja, Finnish Member of the Coalition Party (d. 1960) January 5 - Ville Vainio, Finnish businessman, Member of the SDP and SSTP (d. 1956) January 15 - Margaret, Princess of Connaught, first spouse of Gustav VI Adolf, later King of Sweden (d. 1920) January 16 - W. G. Palmqvist, Finnish architect (d. 1964) January 18 - A. A. Milne, English writer (d. January 31, 1956) January 18 - Martti Pihkala, Finnish Member of Parliament and Director of the Vientirauha Group (“Pihkala Guard”) (d. 1966) January 23 - Eero Kilpi, Finnish actor (d. 1954) January 25 - Virginia Woolf, English writer, literary critic and feminist (d. 1941) January 30 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States (d. 1945) February 1 - Louis Saint-Laurent, Canadian politician, Prime Minister 1948–1957 (d. 1973) February 2 - Andreas, Prince of Greece and Denmark (d. 1944) February 2 - James Joyce, Irish writer and poet (d. 1941) February 18 - Uunio Saalas, Finnish insect scientist (d. 1969) February 22 - Eric Gill, British sculptor, font designer and (c. 1940) February 24 - Anna Haapasalo, Finnish entrepreneur, small farmer and SDP Member of Parliament (d. 1965) February 25 - Toivo Kaipio, Finnish CEO and Commercial Counselor (d. 1949) February 26 - Husband E. Kimmel, American Admiral (d. 1968) February - Abdullah I, Emir of Transjordania, First King of Jordan (d. 1951) March 3 - Charles Ponzi, Italian-American criminal and scammer (“Ponzi Scam”) (c. 1949) March 4 - Egbert Van Alstyne, American songwriter and pianist (d. 1951) March 5 - Gianna Terrinili-Gonzales, Italian silent film actress (d. 1940) March 13 - Fanni Luukkonen, long-term leader of the Finnish Lotta Svärd organization (d. 1947) March 14 - J. G. Granö, Finnish geographer, rector and chancellor of the University of Turku (d. 1956) March 14 - Wacław Sierpiński, Polish mathematician (d. 1969) March 20 - René Coty, President of France 1954–1959 (d. 1962) March 23 - Emmy Noether, German mathematician (d. 1935)


April 1 - Paul Anspach, Belgian foil and servant

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