October 18, 2021


January 1 - Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar. January 17 - Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii is subject to a U.S. naval coup. February 1 - Giacomo Puccini's opera Manon Lescaut premieres in Turin. February 9 - Falstaff, Giuseppe Verdi's last opera, premieres at Milan's La Scala Theater. The work was based on a play by William Shakespeare, The Happy Ladies of Windsor. February 23 - Rudolf Diesel was granted a patent for a diesel engine. March 10 - Ivory Coast became a French colony. May 1 - The Chicago World's Fair begins. May 5 - Panic of 1893 (Black Monday): The stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange was followed by the 1893 recession. June 22 - Royal Navy battleship HMS Camperdown accidentally collides with British Mediterranean Navy flagship HMS Victoria, sinking it. In Turma, 358 people were killed from the Victorian crew, including Navy Commander Deputy Admiral George Tryon. June 27 - The New York Stock Exchange collapses. July 11 - Kōkichi Mikimoto grew the first cultured pearls. 14 August - Registration of motor vehicles begins for the first time in France. August 27 - Hurricane Sea Islands strikes Savannah, USA. September 7 - Monitor Rusalka sank in the Gulf of Finland. September 19 - New Zealand was the first state (then still an autonomous colony) to grant women the right to vote. October 1 - Finland's first open tennis competitions were held in Turku at the inauguration of the Samppalinna sports field. October 28 - Composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky conducts the premiere of his Sixth Symphony in St. Petersburg. He died of cholera a good week later. October 30 - The Chicago World's Fair ends. December 3 - Vyborg Cathedral was inaugurated. December 16 - Antonín Dvořák's 9th Symphony “From the New World” premieres at Carnegie Hall.

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The Teekkar cap was introduced within the Polytechnic Association. Montreal AAA (Amateur Athletic Association) won the first Stanley Cup. The municipality of Sodankylä was founded.



January 4 - Yone Minagawa, the world's oldest man (d. 2007) January 9 - Lauri Ruuskanen, Finnish Commercial Counselor and Clothing Wholesaler (d. 1974) January 10 - Matti Jalava, Finnish forest scientist (d. 1975) January 12 - Hermann Göring, German Minister of Aviation (Luftwaffe Commander) (d. 1946) January 12 - Alfred Rosenberg, German National Socialist ideologue and politician (d. 1946) January 13 - Clark Ashton Smith, American author (b. 1961) January 15 - Urho Peltonen, Finnish javelin thrower (d. 1950) January 16 - Rainer Sopanen, Finnish journalist and independence activist (d. 1890) January 22 - Conrad Veidt, German actor (d. 1943) January 26 - Iivari Rötkö, Finnish endurance runner (d. 1957) January 27 - Oskar Friman, Finnish wrestler (Olympic winner) (d. 1933) January 27 - Song Qingling, Chinese politician, married to Sun Yat-sen (d. 1981) January 31 - Harald Tanner, Consul General of Finland (d. 1972) February 4 - Arvo Laitinen, Finnish composer and teacher at the Sibelius Academy (d. 1966) February 8 - Toivo Tarjanne, Finnish lawyer, professor and chancellor of justice (d. 1988) February 10 - James Francis Durante (“Jimmy Durante”), American actor (b. 1980) February 19 - Cedric Hardwicke, American actor (d. 1964) February 21 - Andrés Segovia, Spanish guitarist (d. 1987) February 27 - Ilmari Haapakoski, Finnish captain, book illustrator and decorative artist (d. 1929) March 6 -

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