January 19, 2022

1900 (MCM) was a normal year (not a leap year) that began on Monday. Although the year was divisible by four, the year was exceptionally not a leap year.


1900 is not a leap year, because in the Gregorian calendar, centuries are leap years only if the number indicating the century itself (here 19) is divisible by four.



January 1 - Nigeria becomes a protectorate of the United Kingdom. January 5 - Irish Nationalist leader John Redmond calls a popular uprising against the British regime. January 6 - Magazines report that three million people are starving to death in India. January 6 - Boer War: Boers attack Ladysmith, killing more than a thousand people. January 8 - US President William McKinley puts Alaska under military control. January 13 - Wilhelm II issues a decree that the command language of the German army is German. January 13 - First period of repression: Russian Secretary of State Vyacheslav von Pleve is appointed Minister of State in Finland. January 14 - Premiere of the Tosca Opera in Rome. The actors received death threats and anonymous letters. January 24 - Boer War: Battle of Spion Kop. January 24 - Governments in London and Pretoria begin talks to end the Boer War. January 27 - In the Grand Duchy of Finland, the Legislative Assembly is opened in a tense atmosphere. In a throne speech read by Governor-General Nikolai Bobrikov, the Grand Duke banned the parliament from interfering in national affairs. Despite this, the parliament approved a petition sent to the emperor criticizing the policy of Governor-General Bobrikov. January 27 - Boxer rebellion: Foreign diplomats in Beijing demand that boxer rebels be punished. January 30 - UK troops in South Africa call for extra troops. January - Finland's first radio connection between Suursaari and Kymin Kuutsalo. The connection was built by physicist Aleksandr Popov. Radio was needed in the rescue of the armored ship General-Admiral Graf Apraksin, which was temporarily stranded in Suursaari. February 5 - The world's first emergency message was sent from Kuutsalo radio station. There were 50 Ingrian fishermen left on a drifting ice board near Lavansaari. The message received by the Suursaari radio station was forwarded to a nearby icebreaker, Jermak, who rescued those on the ferry. February 8 - UK troops lose to battle boars at Ladysmith. February 13 - The German-German treaty approves the 1899 treaty between Britain and Germany, in which Britain ceded Upolu, Savai, Monolo, and Apollo to Germany, and Tutuila and other islands in Polynesia to the United States. Germany abandoned the Tonga Islands, the southern Solomon Islands and the Shortland Islands. February 14 - Boer War: 20,000 British troops seize the Free State of Orange in South Africa. February 17 - Boer War: Battle of Paardeberg. February 17 - Gamacomo Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly premieres at Milan's La Scala Theater. February 22 - Hawaii officially became U.S. territory. February 23 - Boer War: Battle of Hart's Hill. February 27 - Boer War: UK warlords receive absolute surrender in South Africa from Boer General Piet Cronje. February 27 - The Labor Presentation Committee, the forerunner of the Labor Party, is formed in London. Ramsay MacDonald was elected party secretary.11. March - Boer War: UK Prime Minister Lord Salisbury rejects Boar leader Paul Kruger's peace talks. March 13 - Boer War: The United Kingdom occupies Bloemfontein in the Free State of Oranje

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