July 6, 2022


January 2 – the first day of the Finnish parliamentary elections. The parties' number of votes and MP seats remained almost unchanged. January 15 – Composer Jean Sibelius informed the National Museum by telephone about the rock paintings he found in Hvitträski in Kirkkonummi. January 18 – Eugene B. Ely landed his plane on the deck of the cruiser USS Pennsylvania in San Francisco harbor. It was the first time a plane had landed on a ship. January 21 – The first Monte Carlo Rally began. There were 23 participants. The competition was won by the Frenchman Henri Rougier with a Turcat-Mery car. February 2 - Parliament met in the newly completed Heimola house in the center of Helsinki. February 3 - Finland's first air show took place at the Oulunkylä race track. The demonstration was given by Danish pilots Thorup and Svendsen with Voisin and Blériot XI planes. However, the planes did not manage to take off. March 18 – The first International Women's Day was celebrated. March 24 – Denmark abolished the death penalty and public floggings. March 25 – Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in the United States. March 29 – The US Army introduced a new service pistol, the M1911. The gun was designed by John Browning. The weapon remained the official service pistol for the next 74 years. April 3 – Composer Jean Sibelius conducted the premiere of his fourth symphony in Helsinki. April 8 - Dutchman Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity while studying the electrical conductivity of mercury cooled with liquid helium. In the experiment, the specific resistance of mercury suddenly disappeared at a temperature of 4.2 K. April 20 - Artist Adolf Aarno was the first Finn to attempt a flight on the ice of Lake Pyhäjärvi in ​​front of Härmälä in Tampere. May 9 – The Helsinki City Council decided to hand over Seurasaari to the state for use as an outdoor museum. May 15 - The US Supreme Court declares Standard Oil a monopoly and orders it broken up. May 25 – Mexican Revolution: Porfirio Díaz, president of Mexico since 1876, resigns and goes into exile in France. May 27 – Dreamland amusement park in Coney Island, New York is destroyed by fire. June 14 - A seamen's strike began in Britain, leading to the formation of a trade union. June 15 – The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (which later evolved into IBM) is founded in New York.1. July - The arrival of the German warship Panther in the port of Agadir triggered an international crisis. In the negotiations, the Germans promised to leave Morocco in exchange for rights to the French Central Congo. France abolished Morocco's right to self-government. July 24 - Hiram Bingham discovers the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. August 21 - The Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre. The Italian Vincenzo Peruggia who robbed the work was caught and the painting was returned to the Louvre in 1913. August 24 – Another period of oppression: Emperor Nicholas II confirmed the decision of the Russian Council of Ministers to transfer the municipalities of Kivennava and Uudenkirko from Finland to the St. Petersburg governorate of Russia. One reason was the abundant Russian villa population of the keepers. However, the implementation of the decision was delayed due to protests and it was finally buried after the outbreak of the First World War. September 2 – Helsinki School of Economics started its operations. September 14 – Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin is shot at the Kiev Opera House and dies of his injuries four days later. September 22 - The Senate ordered the scout movement to be abolished in Finland. September 29 - Italy declares war on Turkey. Tripoli and Cyrenaica were added to Italy. 10. October - The Wuchang Uprising in China heralded the end of the Qing Dynasty. October 16 – The railway section between Lieksa and Nurme was opened to traffic