October 18, 2021



January 1 - The densely populated community of Grankulla was separated from the municipality of Espoo as an independent township (in 1949 the Finnish name became Kauniainen). Gold was separated from Ulvila as an independent municipality. January 2 - Palmer raids: More than 4,000 suspects in communists and anarchists and activists from the syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were arrested in the United States in a major raid led by Justice Minister A. Mitchell Palmer and J. Edgar Hoover, but no evidence of revolutionary projects was found. 3 January - The ceasefire between Estonia and Soviet Russia on 31 December 1919 enters into force. At the same time, the Soviet Russian government recognized Estonia's independence. January 7 - Russian Civil War: Admiral Kolchak's troops surrender in Krasnoyarsk. January 10 - The League of Nations holds its first meeting and ratifies the Peace of Versailles. January 10 - Master Lauri Pihkala presented the long-distance game he developed on the basis of American baseball, the predecessor of baseball. January 12 - A shipwreck of the French passenger ship SS Afrique en route from Bordeaux to Dakar in the Bay of Biscay kills 575 passengers and crew and only 34 were rescued. January 18 - A conference of “peripheral states” was held in Helsinki, attended by representatives of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The talks aimed to form a common defense alliance against the alleged threat from Soviet Russia. January 28 - An expedition led by Major K. M. Wallenius, sent to occupy Petsamo, crossed the border between Finland and Soviet Russia. January 30 - The Government submitted a draft law on Åland's self-government to Parliament. February 2 - French troops occupy the Memel area. February 2 - The Tartu Peace Treaty is signed between Estonia and Soviet Russia, while Estonia's independence is recognized. February 7 - Regular transport of mail and passengers by plane between Helsinki and Tallinn started. Air traffic continued until March 16, when the ice situation allowed shipping to begin. February 8 - The League of Nations gave the Svalbard to Norway. February 10 - The Export Peace Organization is established. February 10 - In a referendum in northern Schleswig, 74.9% voted in favor of joining the region to Denmark. January 21 - Russian Civil War: The Red Army captures the Archangel from whites. The government of General Yevgeny Miller had fled the city three days earlier with an icebreaker. February 24 - The German Workers' Party held a large mass meeting at the Hofbräuhaus beer restaurant in Munich. The party was renamed the German National Socialist Workers' Party (NSDAP) and Adolf Hitler announced the party's 25-point program at the meeting. February 26 - The German cabinet horror film Dr. Caligari premieres in Berlin. February 28 - The University of Turku was founded. March 1 - Miklós Horthy is appointed Hungarian Regent. March 1 - The Finnish Art Association received a valuable donation when painter Ilja Repin donated 29 works from her own collection. March 10 - Hjalmar Branting forms a Social Democratic government in Sweden. March 13 - Wolfgang Kapp attempts a coup in Germany. The government of the Weimar Republic had to flee Berlin but the hijacking failed when a general strike was declared in the country. March 13 - Russian Civil War: The Red Army captures Murmansk from whites. March 13 - American journalist John Reed is arrested in the Port of Turku. Returning from Russia to the west, Reed had been hiding in the coal closet of the S / S Oihonna ship leaving for Stockholm and had a large sum of money and gems with him. 15. m

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