August 20, 2022



January 1 − The Protection Police began its operations. Deputy judge Armas Alhava was appointed as the first chief. January 7 - George Marshall resigned as US Secretary of State. He was succeeded by Dean Acheson. January 14 – Chinese Civil War: Mao Zedong demands Chiang Kai-shek's unconditional surrender. January 21 - Chiang Kai-shek announced that he would temporarily step down as President of China and Commander-in-Chief of the Army. January 23 – The Soviet Union and five Eastern European countries form the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. January 25 - David Ben-Gurion is elected Israel's first prime minister. January 28 – President J. K. Paasikivi emphasized in his speech at the Parliament's closing ceremony that the writings of domestic communist newspapers and Soviet newspapers do not decide the formation of Finnish governments. February 1 - Clothing regulation ended in Great Britain. February 5 – The Helsinki City Transport Authority started trolleybus service in Helsinki. February 8 – Cardinal Mindszenty was sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary for conspiracy against the government. Western observers were barred from entering the session and believed that Mindszenty had been pressured to confess. The Vatican condemned all those involved in the condemnation to church curse. February 21 – Former Prime Minister Jukka Rangell, convicted in the war crimes trial, was released from prison. February 23 - Beijing became the capital of Communist-ruled China. March 1 - Indonesia captures Yogyakarta from Dutch forces. 1.–2. March – USAF B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II piloted by Captain James Gallagher flies around the world for the first time without landing. It was refueled four times in the air before landing in Fort Worth, Texas. March 2 - 18 - In Finland, newspapers did not appear due to a printing strike. March 4 - Joseph Stalin removed Vyacheslav Molotov from the post of Soviet Foreign Minister after he fell out of favor with Stalin and appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Vyshinski as the new foreign minister. March 18 – Parliament approved the Arava plan.31. March – The Dominion of Newfoundland joins Canada as its tenth province following a referendum held in the summer of 1948.


April 1 – Ireland leaves the British Commonwealth and becomes a republic (April 18). April 4 – NATO is established by the North Atlantic Treaty. On April 22, Finland joined the International Convention on Civil Aviation. April 23 - Chinese Communists capture Nanjing. May 4 – Superga plane crash May 5 – The Council of Europe is established by the Treaty of London. May 9 – Rainier III became Prince of Monaco. May 11 - Siam changed its name to Thailand. May 12 – Cold War: The Soviet Union ends the Berlin Blockade. May 18 – Finnish Defenders of Peace was founded. May 19 – President J. K. Paasikivi pardoned former president Risto Ryti, who was convicted in a war crimes trial and was hospitalized. The doctor who treated Ryti had characterized his illness as incurable and very serious. At the same time, Toivo Kivimäki, Edwin Linkomies, Jukka Rangell and Väinö Tanner were released from the remaining part of their prison sentences. May 22 − The political extreme left and the press of the Soviet Union strongly disapproved of President Risto Ryti's pardon and the release of Kivimäki, Linkomie, Rangell and Tanner. May 23 – The Federal Republic of Germany is founded. Konrad Adenauer became the first chancellor (September 15). June 2 – Transjordan became the Kingdom of Jordan. June 6 – Sh