November 30, 2021



January 1 - Cameroon becomes independent after previously belonging to the French Equatorial Africa. January 1 - The towns of Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Kouvola, Salo, Seinäjoki and Rovaniemi became cities. These were the first “new cities”. January 1 - A new tax law came into force in Finland, combining state, municipal and church taxation. From now on, the taxpayer filed only one tax return. 4 January - The United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark sign the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Treaty. Jan 4 - Author Albert Camus is killed in a car accident near Sens in France after his publisher Michel Gallimard's Facel Vega HK500 sports car, in which Camus was a passenger, collided with a tree. January 8 - Lee Harvey Oswald, who jumped into the Soviet Union, settled in Minsk, Belarus. He got a free apartment and got a job at a radio and television factory in Belarus. Oswald returned to the United States in the summer of 1962. January 9 - Construction of the Aswan Dam begins in Egypt. January 12 - Indonesian President Sukarno takes full control of all political parties in the country. January 12 - The Finnish Swan sailing vessel was towed from Porkkala to Turku. The vessel suffered minor damage during the five-day transfer. January 23 - Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh land in the USS Trieste at a depth of 10,750 meters in the Challenger Depth at the Marian Tomb in the Pacific Ocean. January 24 - Algerian Barricade Week: Algerian French migrants revolt in Algeria and set up barricades in the city. January 27 - The Supreme Administrative Court rejects the appeal of Director General Veikko Vennamo against the government's decision to transfer him from the settlement government to the customs board. Vennamo was appointed Customs Adviser on 11 March. February 1 - The French National Assembly grants President Charles de Gaulle full personal authority to defeat the Algerian uprising. February 4 - President Urho Kekkonen appointed Minister of the Interior Eino Palovesi and Governor of North Karelia Lauri Riikonen as the first Governor of the Province of North Karelia. Erkki Mantere, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Interior, became the new Governor of Kuopio County, and Eemil Luukka, Member of Parliament, became the new Minister of the Interior. The fire water was replaced by Mauno Pohjonen, an agronomist and master of agricultural sciences and forestry. February 7 - There was a unique situation in the Miss Finland competitions: none of the participants was considered to reach the first place, but the title was taken over by the previous year's winner Tarja Nurmi. Feb 9 - Joanne Woodward was the first to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. February 12 - The Winter Olympics begin in the Squaw Valley. February 13 - France's first nuclear test, Gerboise Bleue, in Algeria. France was the fourth country to join the nuclear power. The 70kB Gerboise Bleue was more powerful than the first experiments of the other nuclear powers “Trinity”, “RDS-1” and “Hurricane” combined. February 19 - The Central Criminal Police announces that Runar Holmström has been charged with a double death in the Tulilahti camping area in Heinävesi on July 28, 1959. February 26 - Princess Margaret of Britain and court photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones announce their engagement. They were married on May 6, when Queen Elizabeth II awarded Armstrong-Jones the title of Earl of Snowdon. February 29 - An earthquake destroys Agadir in Morocco. March 1 - The new counties of Central Finland and North Karelia began operations. March 6 - Vietnam War: The United States reports 3,500

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