August 20, 2022

1962 was a normal year that started on Monday.



January 1 - Western Samoa gains independence from New Zealand. January 1 – The townships of Pieksämäki and Varkaus became towns. January 3 - Pope John XXIII excommunicates Cuban leader Fidel Castro. January 9 - Cuba and the Soviet Union sign a trade agreement. January 13 - Albania allied with China. January 15 – the first day of the Finnish presidential election. January 30 - At the meeting of foreign ministers of the American states, Cuba was expelled from all organs of the Cooperation Organization of American States, because "the Marxist-Leninist trend is in conflict with the principles of the American system." February 1 - Stockmann's department store in Helsinki turned one hundred years old. February 2 - The architect brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen won the design competition for the church of Taivallahti parish in Helsinki with their proposal Kivikirkko. February 3 – the first day of the Finnish parliamentary elections. SDP chairman Väinö Tanner left parliament as the last MP elected in the 1907 elections. February 5 – French President Charles de Gaulle proposed allowing Algerian independence. February 7 - The United States banned all imports and exports of Cuban goods. February 7 – Rauma orienteering club Rasti-Lukko was founded. February 10 - Pilot Gary Powers, captured in the Soviet Union, was exchanged for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel, who had been sentenced to 30 years in prison in the United States in 1957. February 16 - There was a strong storm in the North Sea and a heavy snowstorm in Finland. More than 300 people drowned in the flood caused by the storm in Hamburg and thousands lost their homes. February 18 – The Pensioners' Union was founded in Helsinki's Työvätalo. February 20 - John Glenn was the first astronaut to orbit the Earth on a Mercury 6 rocket. He circled the globe three times in 4 hours 55 minutes. February 24 – The new parliament began its work. Maalaisliito's Kauno Kleemola was elected chairman, SKDL's Paavo Aitio as first deputy chairman, and Kokoumus' Jussi Saukkonen as second deputy chairman. For the first time, SDP did not get a single seat in the bureau, while the coalition returned to the bureau after a break of almost 20 years. March 1 - President Urho Kekkonen began his second term of office by giving a solemn declaration in parliament. March 2 – Military coup in Burma led by General Ne Win. March 8 – France and the National Liberation Front of Algeria begin negotiations in Geneva. March 18 – The 7th Eurovision Song Contest was held in Luxembourg. French representative Isabelle Aubret won with the song "Un premier amour". March 19 - A cease-fire entered into force in Algeria. The terrorist organization Organization de l'armée secrète (OAS) continued its attacks. March 22 – The ten-year anniversary meeting of the Nordic Council began in Helsinki, where the Swedish Eyvind Johnson was awarded the Council's literary award for the first time. March 23 – The Nordic countries sign the Helsinki Agreement on Nordic cooperation.


April 7 - Yugoslav writer Milovan Ðilas was arrested. The reason for the action was not announced. April 7 - The Cuban Revolutionary Court sentenced nearly 1,200 people who participated in the Bay of Pigs landing in April of the previous year to prison terms of varying lengths. April 8 – The Treaty of Évian to end the Algerian War is approved in a referendum in France with 90% of the vote. April 13 - President Urho Kekkonen resigned from Martti Miettunen's board and appointed Ahti Karjalainen's board. April 20 – French President Charles de Gaulle va