December 8, 2021



January 1 - The municipality of Harjavalta was transformed into a township and the municipality of Kuusjärvi into a township of Outokumpu. Twice the municipality was annexed to the city of Turku. January 2 - A team of doctors led by surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed another successful heart transplant in Cape Town. The patient was 58-year-old dentist Philip Blaiberg. January 5 - Alexander Dubček is elected leader of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, the spring of Prague begins. January 15 - The first day of the presidential election in Finland. January 17 - Composer Joonas Kokkonen receives the Nordic Council Music Prize. January 21 - A U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber crashes near a Thule air base in Greenland under a load of four hydrogen bombs. January 21 - A group of 31 North Korean commandos attempt to assassinate Park Chung-heen, President of the Republic of Korea, in Seoul. January 23 - North Korea captures US warship USS Pueblo. January 25 - Israeli submarine Dakar sinks in the Mediterranean, killing 69 people. January 27 - A French submarine sank in the Mediterranean, 52 drowned. January 30 - Vietnam War: The Tet offensive begins with a surprise attack in Vietnam. January 31 - Laughter president Hammer DeRoburt declares the country independent of Australia.


February 3 - Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Prince Richard of Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Germany, are married. February 3 - A scientific article about Lappajärvi, which is thought to be Lake Volcano, is published in the journal Nature, which proves the lake to be a collision crater. February 4 - Pispala Church in Tampere was destroyed in a fire. February 6 - Dozens of the Winter Olympics begin in Grenoble. February 7 - Austria abolishes the death penalty. February 8 - Boeing 747's first flight. February 11 - Israel-Jordan border conflict. February 15 - President Urho Kekkonen was elected to his third term. February 21 - Teuvo Aura, President and CEO of Postipankki, is appointed Mayor of Helsinki. February 21 - Swedish Minister of Education Olof Palme took part in a demonstration in Vietnam and spoke out against the war. February 25 - Archbishop Macarios III is elected President of Cyprus.


March 1 - The Jewish World Congress accuses German Federal President Heinrich Lübke of participating in the construction of Nazi concentration camps in the 1930s and 1940s. Lübke denied the allegations. March 1 - President Urho Kekkonen gave a solemn declaration in Parliament at the beginning of his third term. March 7 - Vietnam War: The first battle of Saigon begins. March 8 - The United States calls its ambassador to Stockholm home in protest of Sweden's stance on the Vietnam War. March 12 - Mauritius becomes independent. March 16 - Vietnam War: My Law Massacre. March 19 - The Supreme Court upholds the blasphemy sentences handed down by the writer Hannu Salama and Otava in the Court of Appeal, but reduced the damages imposed. March 19 - Norwegian Crown Prince Harald and Miss Sonja Haraldsen get engaged. March 22 - Dr. Mauno Koivisto formed his first government. March 22 - V. J. Sukselainen of the Central Party was elected Speaker of Parliament and Leo Suonpää of SKDL was elected Second Deputy Speaker after their predecessors Johannes Virolainen and Paavo Aitio became ministers. Veikko Kokkola, the first vice-president of the SDP, continued in his position. March 27 - Astronaut Yuri Gagarin dies in a plane crash near Moscow. March 31 - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces he will not run for a second term. March 31 - Romanian Prime Minister Ion Gheor

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