December 8, 2021



January 1 - The towns of Imatra and Ylivieska became cities. The municipality of Tyrvymmene was annexed to the municipality of Hattula. The municipalities of Muuruvesi and Säyneinen were merged with the municipality of Juankoski. January 1 - Seat belts became mandatory in the front seats of all new passenger cars sold in Finland. January 1 - The postal code system is put into trial use in Finland. January 2 - The United States bans television advertising for cigarettes. January 3 - The first lottery was held in Finland. January 11 - In Oula, Central Ostrobothnia, the highest January temperature ever measured in Finland was measured: +9.8 degrees. January 15 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Soviet President Nikolai Podgornyi inaugurate the Aswan Dam. January 15 - 200 years have passed since the first issue of Finland's first newspaper, Tidningar Utgifne Af et Sällskap i Åbo. January 16 - ZZ Top's debut album ZZ Top's First Album is released. January 20 - Finland nominates its UN Ambassador, Max Jakobson, to run for election to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. January 25 - Charles Manson and three female members of the “family” are found guilty of Tate-LaBianca murders and sentenced to life imprisonment. January 25 - Idi Amin leads the coup and takes office as President of Uganda.


February 1 - President Urho Kekkonen and Foreign Minister Väinö Leskinen visited the Vatican City State, where they presented Finland's initiative for a European Security Assembly to Pope Paul VI. Kekkonen was the first President of Finland to meet with the Pope. February 4 - Rolls-Royce goes bankrupt, the British government takes over the management of the company. February 5 - Apollo 14 lands on the Moon. February 7 - A referendum is held in Switzerland on women's suffrage in national elections. February 8 - About 70,000 metal workers start the strike after rejecting a mediation proposal made by national mediator Erkki Sunila. The strike was said to have been hosted by Alexei Belyakov, the Soviet ambassador to Finland. The strike joined the FAQ agreement. The strike ended on March 26th. February 11 - Palestinians and Jordanian government forces fight in Amman. February 13 - US-backed Laos are attacked by the South Vietnamese army. February 15 - The United Kingdom moves to a pound sterling. February 25 - The government decides to reduce the school week to five days from the beginning of the fall semester of 1971. February 21 - Alice Cooper releases her breakthrough album Love It to Death. February 25 - A partial solar eclipse occurred in Finland. February 26 - The North Vietnamese government sets the entire nation on alert in case the United States “tries anything”.


March 5 - The Pakistani army occupies eastern Pakistan with riots. March 8 - Muhammad Ali loses his first of three matches against Joe Frazier. March 8 - A new line section between Tampere and Seinäjoki was opened to traffic. March 10 - The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution lowers the voting age to 18. March 15 - A pulp mill in Lievestuore was launched in Laukaa, despite widespread opposition. The factory had been out of business since 1967. The water law threatened to take action against the mill's owner, Keski-Suomen Selluloosa Oy, if the mill's wastewater were discharged into the adjacent Lievestuoreenjärvi lake. March 16 - Trial begins in California against human rights activist Professor Angela Davis. He was charged with aiding and abetting the murder, but his membership of the Communist Party was also suspected in the background. March 17 - SKDL withdrew its minister Ahti Karj

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