May 28, 2022



January 1 - The towns of Kemijärvi, Kuusankoski, Lieksa, Mänttä and Äänekoski became cities. Bromarv and Uusikaarlepyy became bilingual municipalities. The majority languages ​​of Kaarlela, Kaskinen, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Pohja and Porvoo changed from Swedish to Finnish. January 1 - A record number of municipal associations were made in Finland so far: The municipalities of Alatornio and Karung were annexed to the city of Tornio The municipalities of Bergö and Petolahti were merged with the municipalities of Maalahti The municipalities of Björköby, Koivulahti, Raippaluoto and Sulva were annexed to the municipality of Mustasaari (part of Sulva was annexed to the city of Vaasa) The municipality of Eräjärvi was merged with the municipality of Orivesi The municipalities of Karku and Tyrvää were annexed to the city of Vammala The countryside of Kemijärvi was incorporated into the town of Kemijärvi, which at the same time became a city The municipalities of Lapväärt, Siipyy and Tiukka were annexed to Kristiinankaupunki The countryside of Nurmes was incorporated into the Nurmes township The municipality of Paattinen was annexed to the city of Turku The municipalities of Paavola and Revonlahti were merged into a new municipality of Ruukki The municipality of Pielisjärvi was incorporated into the town of Lieksa, which at the same time became a city The municipalities of Pirttikylä and Ylimarkku were merged with the municipality of Närpiö The municipality of Pohjaslahti was merged partly with the municipality of Vilppula and partly with the municipality of Virta The municipality of Rautia was annexed to the municipality of Kalajoki The municipality of Riistavesi was annexed to the city of Kuopio The municipality of Saloisten was annexed to the city of Raahe The municipality of Simpele was annexed to the municipality of Rautjärvi The municipality of Suoniemi was merged with Nokia's retail business and at the same time moved from the provinces of Turku and Pori to Häme The municipality of Sääksmäki was annexed to the city of Valkeakoski The municipality of Sääming was partly connected to the city of Savonlinna and partly to the municipality of Punkaharju January 1 - Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark become members of the EEC. At the same time, they differed from the European Free Trade Association. January 1 - The postal code system, which has been in trial use for two years, was officially introduced in Finland. January 1 - Archbishop Martti Simojoki condemns the U.S. operation in Vietnam in his New Year preaching, describing it as "insane and criminal destruction." January 2 - The United States resumes bombing of North Vietnam. January 2 - The TPSL was removed from the party register at the party's own request. January 9 - After President Urho Kekkonen agreed to extend his term of office by an emergency, the government submitted a bill to Parliament. The Committee on Constitutional Affairs began consideration of the bill the next day. January 14 - Elvis Presley gave a grand concert in Hawaii, followed live by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. The world's first concert broadcast by satellite around the world (Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii). January 14 - MPs who opposed the exemption law hold a speech at the Helsinki Fair Hall, which was attended by about 3,700 listeners. At the event, e.g. Georg C. Ehrnrooth (RKP), Tuure Junnila (Kok.) And Raino Westerholm (SKL). January 15 - Veijo Meri receives the Nordic Council Literature Prize for his novel Son of Sergeant. The value of the prize was DKK 50,000. January 17 - Ferdinand Marcos is proclaimed President of the Philippines for life. January 17 - Parliament approves by 170–28 an emergency law extending the term of office of President Urho Kekkonen by four years from March 1, 1974. One MP from the Finnish Christian Union abstained. In his speech, Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa accused the MPs who opposed the emergency law of being “a regressive far-right group in terms of domestic politics, dubious in terms of foreign policy”. 18 January - The Paris Peace Conference suspends its work "indefinitely". January 18 - MP Arvo Sainio jumped on Finland's Ma