August 20, 2022

2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year in the Gregorian calendar that started on Friday.

Other time calculations

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 was the year of the monkey. In the Buddhist calendar, it was the year 2560 In the Islamic calendar 1437–1438


2016 was the International Year of Legumes.


January 1 – Municipalities in Finland: Hämeenkoski → Hollolaan. Jalasjärvi → Kurikka. Köyliö → Säkylä. Nastola → Lahti. January 1 – Store opening hours became free in Finland. January 1 – Närpiö became a bilingual municipality, after which there are only 16 municipalities in Åland that have monolingual Swedish-speaking municipalities. January 1 – Vaala municipality moved from Kainuu province to North Ostrobothnia province. January 2 - Saudi Arabia executes 47 people convicted of terrorism. Among these was the Shiite religious leader Nimr al-Nimr. Nimri's execution sparked unrest in Shia-majority areas of Saudi Arabia and other countries. In Iran, protesters attacked the Saudi embassy. Saudi Arabia and its allies cut ties with Iran. January 5 – A cooperation agreement for the development of traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn is signed. January 5 – Finland won the World Youth Hockey Championship against Russia at home with a score of 4–3. January 6 - North Korea announces it has conducted a hydrogen bomb test. January 12 – A terrorist attack in Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul kills 11 and injures 15. January 15 – A terrorist attack in Burkina Faso's capital, Ouagadougou, kills 28 and injures 56. On January 22, a wave of cold weather began in a zone stretching from Thailand to Japan in East Asia, which is believed to have killed more than a hundred people.


February 6 - An earthquake occurred in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. February 7 - The Denver Broncos win the 50th Super Bowl. February 9 – Two local trains collide in Bavaria, southern Germany. Nine people died and more than a hundred people were injured in the accident. February 12 - Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill met in Cuba, hosted by Raúl Castro. February 13 – All members of the Viola Beach band died in a traffic accident in Södertälje. February 22 – HUS announced that at the beginning of the year, it had performed the first face transplant operation in the Nordic countries and the 35th in the world.


March 12 - Google DeepMind's AlphaGo computer program wins a five-game match against Lee Sedol, considered the world's best go player. March 13 - There was a bomb attack in Ankara. March 19 – Flydubai Flight 981 crashes in Rostov-on-Don. All 62 people on the flight died. March 22 – At least 31 killed and more than 250 injured in bombings at Brussels Airport and Maalbeek metro station. March 26 – The Ylivieska church was completely destroyed in a fire. March 27 – At least 69 people are killed and 200 injured in a suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. March 29 – EgyptAir Flight 181 from Borg El Arab International Airport to Cairo International Airport is hijacked. No one was hurt.


April 3 - In Pennsylvania, USA, two people were killed when an Amtrak locomotive collided with a bucket loader and derailed. April 10 - Peru's parliamentary elections elected the country's next president, representatives of Congress and the Andean Parliament. Fuerza Popular, led by Keiko Fujimori, took a big victory in the congressional elections and more than half of the seats. However, in the second round of the presidential election, Fujimori lost to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who started his term on July 28. April 29 – 13 people die in a helicopter crash in Norway.


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