November 21


December 8, 2021

November 21 is the 325th day of the year (326th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 40 days remaining until the end of the year.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Hilma Finnish - Swedish calendar: Hilma orthodox calendar: Maria, Maija, Marjatta calendar in the Sámi language: Hilbmá on older calendars: Coecilia, Ebba, Heliodora, Heliodorus, Cloudy, Silja, Tuovi


235 - Anterus elected Pope. 1783 - Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis of d'Arlandes, François Laurent, carry out the first hot air balloon flight in Paris with the mooring rope removed (flight time 25 minutes, maximum altitude 100 meters, distance 9 kilometers). 1789 - North Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution and is approved as the 12th state in the United States. 1877 - Thomas Alva Edison announces the discovery of the phonograph, which is considered to be Edison's first major invention. 1916 - A HMHS Britannic hospital ship sinks off a mine off the coast of Greece. Of the 1,300 passengers, 30 lost their lives in Turma. 1943 - The steamship Oulu II disappears with its crew in the Bay of Bothnia. 1948 - Former Prime Minister Edwin Linkomies and former Minister of Finance Väinö Tanner are sentenced to prison for war crimes. 1953 - The Natural History Museum reports that Piltdown's human skull was a fake. 1964 - The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, is opened to traffic. 1969 - The first link on the ARPANET is connected. 1969 - US President Richard Nixon and Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato agree in Washington to return Okinawa to Japanese rule in 1972. Under the terms of the agreement, the United States retained access to its bases on the island, but they had to be nuclear-weapon-free. 1975 - Sievi train crash: special high-speed train Polaria derailed at Sievi yard, injuring 44 people. 1980 - The so-called "Who Done It?" 1995 - Dayton peace talks are concluded. 1995 - The first full-length film with toy graphics (Toy Story) is released. 1998 - Hyvinkää cutting death. 2002 - NATO offers membership of the military alliance to Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Estonia. 2004 - The Paris Club decides to cancel 80% (nearly $ 100 billion) of Iraq's foreign debt. 2004 - The Finnish boy band INDX was chosen as the winner of the second production season of the Finnish version of the TV Popstars singing competition. 2008 - M / S Oasis of the Seas was launched 2017 - Robert Mugabe resigns as President of Zimbabwe.


1643 - Robert Cavelier de La Salle, French explorer (d. 1687) 1694 - François-Marie Arouet (“Voltaire”), French philosopher (c. 1778) 1729 - Josiah Bartlett, American physician and statesman (d. 1795) 1741 - Christfried Ganander, Finnish collector of folk culture, priest and author of the dictionary (c. 1790) 1768 - Friedrich Schleiermacher, Prussian theologian and philosopher (c. 1834) 1814 - Thomas Mayo Brewer, American scientist (c. 1880) 1817 - Richard B. Garnett, Southern General in the American Civil War (c. 1863) 1854 - Benedict XV, pope (d. 1922) 1882 - Aleksi Hihnavaara ("Mosku"), a Finnish reindeer owner who took part in the "pacification" after the Civil War (d. 1938) 1887 - Yrjö Salminen is a Finnish lieutenant colonel in medical medicine (d. 1969) 1892 - Erkki Laitakari, Finnish forest researcher (d. 1978) 1898 - René Magritte, Belgian painter (d. 1967) 1902 - Mikhail Suslov, Soviet politician (chief ideologue of the Communist Party) (c. 1982) 1902 - Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978 Nobel Prize winner

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