November 24


December 8, 2021

November 24 is the 328th day of the year (329th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 37 days remaining until the end of the year.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Favorite, Pets, Sivi Finnish-Swedish calendar: Siv orthodox calendar: Katariina, Katja, Katriina, Kaarina, Kati, Katri Sámi calendar: Sive in older calendars: Auvikki, Belasius, Catharina, Christer, Gudrun, Josias, Kristogonus


1642 - Abel Tasman is the first European to discover an island called Van Diemen's Land (known as Tasmania since 1856). 1859 - Charles Darwin, a British naturalist, publishes The Origin of Species, in which he shows that organisms evolve through natural selection. The first edition of the work was sold out immediately. 1865 - The old church in Tyrnävä burned down by an arsonist. 1903 - Clyde J. Coleman patents the car's electric starter. 1904 - The first working track is built. The invention was implemented in earthmoving machines and tanks. 1929 - The Lapuan movement began when a group led by Vihtori Kosola, consisting mainly of members of the Guards, suspended the Communist Challenge Party at the Lapua Workers' House. 1932 - The FBI's Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, better known as the FBI Crime Lab, officially begins operations in Washington, D.C. 1944 - World War II: 88 American aircraft take part in the first bombing of Tokyo. 1947 - Robert Schuman becomes Prime Minister of France. 1963 - Kennedy Assassination: Jack Ruby shoots Lee F. Survey, allegedly the murderer of John F. Kennedy, on a live nationwide television broadcast in Dallas. This was the first time in the United States that viewers saw the murder live. 1963 - Vietnam War: Recently sworn in, US President Lyndon Johnson confirms that the United States will continue to support South Vietnam militarily and economically. 1969 - Apollo program: Apollo 12 lands in the Pacific Ocean, completing its second occupied voyage to the Moon. 1969 - The municipal coat of arms of Kempele is confirmed for use. After that, all Finnish municipalities had their own coats of arms. 1971 - Aviation: A man who calls himself Dan Cooper (commonly known as D. B. Cooper) parachutes out of a Northwest Orient Airlines plane he hijacked during a thunderstorm above Washington State with $ 200,000 in ransom money. He has not been heard from yet. 1974 - The first skeleton of an early ape, Australopithecus afarensis, named "Lucy" (AL 288-1) is discovered in Ethiopia. 1992 - Aviation: In China, a domestic flight by China Southern Airlines crashes, killing 141 people. 1993 - In Britain, 11-year-old Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are convicted of the murder of two-year-old James Bulger of Liverpool. The verdict was "suspended for the time being." 2008 - The Port of Vuosaari was opened to shipping.


1632 - Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher (d. 21.2.1677) 1655 - Charles XI, King of Sweden (d. 1697) 1729 - Alexander Suvorov, Russian generalissimus and war strategist (c. 1800) 1784 - Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, Swiss Orientalist and explorer (c. 1817) 1784 - Zachary Taylor, President of the United States 1839 - Leo Mechelin, Finnish statesman (d. 1914) 1849 - Frances Hodgson Burnett, British author (Little Lord Fauntleroy) (d. 1924) 1853 - Bat Masterson, a Wild West hero, police and sports reporter (d. 1921) 1864 - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French painter (d. 1901) 1868 - Scott Joplin, American Ragtime musician (d. 1917) 1877 - Alben W. Barkley, Vice President of the United States 1949–1953 (d. 1956) 1888 - Dale Carnegie, author (How do I make friends, m

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