June 3rd


August 20, 2022

June 3rd is the 154th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (155th day in a leap year). There are 211 days left in the year.

Name days

Finnish calendar: Viola, Orvokki Finnish-Swedish calendar: Viola orthodox calendar: Valo, Paula, Pauliina Sami calendar: Čuvje in older calendars: Biola, Erasmus, Ingemar, Marcellinus, Marcellus


1098 – First Crusade: Crusaders capture Antioch. 1769 – The transit of Venus took place, during which James Cook, among others, performed measurements in Tahiti to measure the Sun's diurnal parallax more precisely. 1839 – Lin Zexu destroys 1.2 million kilograms of opium in Humen, China, leading to the first Sino-British Opium War. 1885 - The last act of war on Canadian soil: Big Bear, the leader of the Cree Indians, escaped from mounted police. 1889 – The Canadian Pacific Railway (coast-to-coast) was completed. 1937 - The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) married Wallis Simpson. 1940 – World War II: The Luftwaffe bombed Paris. 1944 - Charles de Gaulle became Prime Minister of the French Provisional Government-in-Exile. 1960 - In the case of Gideon vs. Wainwright, the US Supreme Court ruled that all defendants have the right to an attorney. 1962 - Aviation: An Air France Boeing 707 crashed shortly after takeoff in Paris, killing 130 people. 1963 – Aviation: A Northwest Airlines Douglas DC-7 crashes into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, killing 101. 1965 – Space exploration: Gemini 4, the first multi-day crewed flight by the United States, took off. 1968 - Pop artist Andy Warhol was the target of an assassination attempt in New York. 1969 - The final episode of the science fiction series Star Trek aired. The premiere of the series was September 8, 1966. 1969 – The Australian aircraft carrier Melbourne collided with the US destroyer USS Frank E. Evans off the coast of South Vietnam, cutting it in half. 1973 – A Soviet supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 crashed near Goussainville, France. In this first supersonic passenger plane crash, 14 people were killed. 1979 – An explosive spill at the Ixtoc oil well in the southern Gulf of Mexico releases 600,000 tons of oil into the water, the largest oil spill to date in 2009. According to some estimates, the leak was 2.4 times larger than this estimate. 1982 - Israel's ambassador to Britain, Shlomo Argov, is shot dead in London, contributing to the outbreak of the Lebanon War three days later. 1989 - The Chinese government sent troops to evict protesters from Tiananmen Square after seven weeks of occupation. 1997 - Lionel Jospin became Prime Minister of France. 1998 – Eschede train crash: An ICE high-speed train derails in Germany, killing 101 people. 2006 – Montenegro left the union with Serbia and declared independence. 2010 – Irja Askola was elected Finland's first female bishop. 2017 – There was a terrorist attack in London that killed eight and injured 48 people.


1635 – Philippe Quinault, French dramatist and librettist (d. 1688) 1726 – James Hutton, Scottish geologist, chemist and naturalist (d. 1797) 1804 – Richard Cobden, English industrialist and politician (d. 1865) 1808 – Jefferson Davis, American politician (President of the Confederacy during the American Civil War) (d. 1889) 1843 – Frederick VIII, King of Denmark 1906–1912 (d. 1912) 1853 – William Flinders Petrie, British archaeologist and Egyptologist (d. 1942) 1864 – Ransom Eli Olds ("Ransom E. Olds"), American automotive pioneer (d. 1950) 1865 –